The new girl in town

Amber is the new girl in Mystic Falls and little does she know things get crazy fast she meets new friends meets a guy and gets in a lot of trouble.


4. meeting HIM

As we drove to the house Caroline had a worried look on her face.

"Is something wrong Caroline?" I asked "Well kinda" she said nervously "Do you want to tell me?" I asked nonchalant "Ya I had to tell you anyway" she said bitting her lip.

"So Stefan has a brother and, he's kinda mean and a player so, if he says anything to you please just ignore it" she had a little fear in her eyes. "Oh ok I will" I shrugged off the feeling of fear building in me.

--------------Caroline's POV-------------------

I went to pick up Amber and we were on our way to the house. Then, I remembered something and fear started building up. The first thing was Damon might see her as a snack or try to make her a vampire. The second thing was she was the only human in a house full of vampires well, there's also Matt but he's a close friend and nobody would hurt him. Amber is different she's a new in town and her blood smells really good. I shook my head to try to snap out of it. I decided to tell her about Damon.

"Is something wrong Caroline?" She asked concern "Well kinda" I said nervously. "Do you want to tell me?" She asked nonchalantly. "Ya I had to tell u anyway" I felt my throat go dry and my hands got sweaty on the wheel. I told her to stay away from Stefan's brother I don't think she needed to hear a name.

We got to the house and got out of the car. Elena and Stefan were outside waiting for us. I went up to Stefan and whispered in his ear "Where's Damon?" "He's out." Was all he said then he went to go give Amber a hug. I sighed but not of relief but of frustration.

----------------Ambers POV--------------

I was greeted by Elena and Stefan. Elena came over and gave me a hug, over here shoulder I saw Caroline whisper something to Stefan and once Stefan came over I heard her sigh of frustration.

"Shall we go inside?" Asked Stefan "We shall" giggled Elena. I chuckled at the silliness. We entered the house and I saw Bonnie and Matt at a table in the center of the room. I gasped at how big the house is. When I was outside I didn't pay attention to how big it was but, now that I'm inside it was huge.

Stefan saw my mouth open and said "Better close it before any flies fly in" I closed it and smiled "It's just this house is huge!" He chuckled "Welcome to my home."

We walked over to Matt and Bonnie and sat down at the table. We started doing homework and we were laughing and joking around. I smiled I have made some good friends and I hope this doesn't change. Matt saw me smiling "What's with the big smile?" he asked. Everyone looked at me. "It's cause I meet you guys and you're all great." I smiled "And I hope this never changes." Caroline clapped her hands and giggled "Group hug everyone!" I giggled as everyone came up to me and gave me a group hug.

We were almost done with our work when we heard the door open. Everybody around me tensed up and the air got thick with silence. "I'm home" I heard a guys voice say. I then heard footsteps coming towards us and everybody seemed to hold their breath. "Man, it is hard to find good blood these days" said a voice behind us. I saw everyone turn and shoot death glares at the man behind me. "What!?!" Said the voice annoyed

I turned around and there standing was a tall man. We made eye contact and he tensed up then he smirked. "What is this?" He asked in a curious voice. Stefan got up and whispered something into the guy's ear. His eyes seemed to light up and he glanced at me. "Oh, sorry I didn't introduce myself." He said as he walked over. I stood up and he held out his hand "I'm Damon" he said. I took his hand and shook it "Amber" he smirked and then turned around and started chuckling and, then I watched him go up some steps and then he was gone.

"Was that your brother?" I asked Stefan. "Yep" he said kinda disappointed. I thought he was kinda cute but I shook my head remember what Caroline said. I sat back down and we finished doing our homework.


If you have seen the show I am taking out things. Like Elena and Damon are not together, Bonnie is not an out of control witch, and Alaric isn't dead

Other things I want to stay. Like they are in senior year, Klaus is a hybrid, Tyler and Caroline are together ( and he's in town)

I will think of other things to keep and take out . Thanks again if you are still with me reading I hope you like it so far ^.^

~ Daisyluver101 ^.^

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