The new girl in town

Amber is the new girl in Mystic Falls and little does she know things get crazy fast she meets new friends meets a guy and gets in a lot of trouble.


11. Knowing, and kidnaping

It's been 3 weeks since I found out everything. Like Damon, Stefan, Elena, and Caroline are all vampires. Bonnie is a witch, oh and best of all Klaus and Tyler (Caroline's boyfriend) are both hybrids whatever the heck those are! Oh and I forgot Klaus has a sister and 3 brothers and they are all originals, I'm still pretty confused about that.

However, I am pretty cool with all of this, but every time I see my friends I can't help but think they are all a blood sucking monster. Except for Matt, he's a human, so I finally found someone who knows how I feel.

I walk home deep in thought when I feel someone next to me. I look over and see my best friend Natalie. "Hey wanna come over to my place?" She asked eagerly. "Of course I always wanted to see it since you moved here."

We walk to her place, it was close to my place which was good. I walk in and smile it was a small house with 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms. When you walk in you see the living room which had all the furniture. Then if you walk a little and look around a wall you see the kitchen and then down a hall were the 2 rooms and bathrooms.

"It's beautiful Natalie" I say in awe. She giggles "I know that's why I picked it" she went in the kitchen and came back with two drinks. I grabbed mine and said thanks. "So what made you move over here" I asked while sipping my soda. "At first I came for the college but then I heard you were here so I thought why not get a place here and speed time with my best friend"

We chatted for and hour and then it was time for me to go. "Thanks for having me over Natalie I'm really glad your here." She smiled and gave me a hug we said goodbye and I started to walk home. I felt a buzz in my pocket I grabbed my phone and opened the message.

Damon: Are you home? Safely in your bed?

I rolled my eyes at the text and decided to answer truthfully I saw no reason to lie.

Me: No I'm walking home, I just went to go visit my best friend.

Damon: Well be really careful you don't know what could be out there at night.

I felt my heart stop in my chest "Thanks for making me feel safer at night Damon" I mumbled to myself. I looked around scared what if there was someone watching me waiting to attack. I gulped and started walking faster my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.

Then my heart stopped, I felt like someone was behind me I decided to ignore it, but it kept feeling like someone was right behind me following me. I turned around quickly but no one was there. I sighed in relief I turned around and started walking again, but instead I bumped Into someone. I looked up and saw it was Klaus.

"This is nothing personal love, so blame it on Stefan" he says with a smug grin. He then grabs my shoulders and we rush off. Next thing I know we were at a big house we go inside and he tells a guy to tie me up. He places me on a chair and ties me up.

I then saw a girl with wavy hair and beautiful green eyes walk in. She looked at me in shock she then turns to Klaus, and yells something at him. I see him say something back in return I saw the girl roll her eyes and look at me in sympathy. "Who is this girl and why is she sorry about me" I thought in my head scared "What's going to happen to me?" I though panicked.

~~~~~~~~~~Authors note~~~~~~~~~~

Another long chapter for you :D I hope you like it next chapter is going to be in Klaus' perspective so we can find out why he took Amber ^.^

If you want to be in the story kik me at: that_one_chikkk

Just so you know Natalie, Ambers best friend is my cousin so I added her. And the girl wit wavy hair in the story is me ^.^

Thanks for reading


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