The new girl in town

Amber is the new girl in Mystic Falls and little does she know things get crazy fast she meets new friends meets a guy and gets in a lot of trouble.


12. Klaus POV

It's been three weeks since I came to Mystic Falls. I payed the Salvator brothers a visit and to my amusement i found Damon bickering with Caroline. I also saw a new girl she glanced at me and I my introduced myself I found out her name is Amber.

I came to town with a few of my hybrids and also my close friend Alondra, who was also a hybrid. Although she was my close friend i had feelings for her, I didn't show them for in fear that our friendship would crumble. She had brown wavy hair and the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. She was around my age (The age we got turned) and she was always there for me when no one else was.

I came home from a long walk to be greeted by Alondra with a worried look on her face. "Is something wrong?" I asked concerned. She nods and bites her lip. I loved when she did that but it was usually when something bad happen so it was also a bad sign.

"Remember that rookie vampire you brought with you" she says slowly. I nod in understanding, When I came back to mystic falls I also brought a vampire with my hybrids. I brought him to show him the ropes of being a vampire.

"Well I found him today" I looked at her and asked "Is that all?" She shakes her head "but he was dead, it looked like someone staked him" I tensed up "Someone killed him?" She nodded her head. "That means someone knows vampires exist" I say lost in thought. "I will be right back" I say as I head out the door.

I quickly rush over to the Salvator's home. I knock on the door and the it's answered by Damon. He rolls his eyes "What do you want Klaus" he asks annoyed. I push past him and into the home "I'm here to warn you about a hunter that might be in town" I say as I look around. "Hunter? Like a vampire hunter?" Asks Stefan as he walks down the steps.

"Yes like a vampire hunter" I say glancing at him. "What makes you say this Klaus?" Asks Damon pouring a drink. "Alondra found my rookie's body dead with a stake hole in his chest." I see Damon glance at Stefan and saw Stefan look down. "Is there something you boys want to share with me?" I say curiously. "I umm staked a vampire today" mumbled Stefan. "You what!" I say furiously.

"He was practically eating the whole town" said Damon defending his brother. I glare at him "Doesn't give you the right to stake him!" I say angrily. "Well what else could I have done" Stefan yells. "I don't know like come to me and let me handle it." "How was I suppose to know that vampire came to town with you" said Stefan with a good point.

I sighed in frustration "Wouldn't it be a little weird that I came to town and then suddenly vampire attacks start happening?" I say sternly. They both look at each other "That never came to mind" mumbled Stefan. I growled and yelled "This isn't over" as I walked out the door. I rushed back to my house I went inside and immediately Alondra came over and started asking questions.

"What happened? Did you warn them? Did you find out who killed him?" I sighed "Ya I found out who killed him, it was Stefan" I say growling. "What why?" I quickly explained everything to her. She nods slowly "What should I do?" I say looking at her pleading for an answer. She sighs and looks at me with those beautiful green eyes. "I don't want to give you bad advice, but I think you should do something about this you can't just let this one slide" she says with gentleness in her voice and eyes.

I nod and get up "I will be back" I walk out the door and take a walk. It was night and I walked for a couple of minutes when I saw Amber. "Hmm Damon really seems to care about her" I think in my head I then got an idea and a grin appeared on my face and I started to walk behind her. I felt her get uneasy she then turned around and I rushed to her front side. I saw her relax a bit but then she turned around and ran into me.

"Sorry love but this isn't anything personal" I say as I grab her and rush back to my house. I entered the house and told one of my hybrids to tie her up. I then leaned on a table and watched as she started to realize what was happening. I smirked and heard Alondra walk in she came up next to me and looked at Amber. She then turned to me "Who is that and why is she here" she asked sternly "You said to do something about it and I am." I saw her roll her eyes and give Amber a sympathetic look.

After a couple minutes in complete silence I heard a phone ring. I looked around and heard it was coming from Ambers pocket I walked over and picked it up. "Hello?" I asked confused "Listen to me you son of a bi..." I heard the phone get taken away and then heard Stefan "Damon control yourself" he said sternly he then turned his attention to the phone. "Listen Klaus you don't have to bring Amber into this, ok this is between you and me."

"Well sorry but I already did" I smirked over the phone. I heard the front door slam and then Damon rushed into the house. He quickly walked over to me and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt. "Listen here you little bitch, I don't want to hurt you just let her go!" He yelled into my face. I smirked "Like you can hurt me." I saw the fire in his eyes as he brought his fist up. I didn't flinch I kept my eyes locked on his as he brought down his fist. All of a sudden a hand stopped his fist from reaching my face.

I looked over and saw Alondra "what do you think your doing" she says as she pushes Damon off of me. I see Damon glance at her and then saw interest in his eyes as he looked her up and down. Jealousy boiled in me "don't look at her like that!!" I yelled in my head. He then snapped out of his "trance" and glared back at me. I returned his gaze and never broke eye contact.

Then Stefan burst in we both glanced at him "Look Klaus this is between you and me, ok don't bring Amber into this." I scoffed "Ya like you brought me into this "vampire problem" sorry Stefan but I have to do this" I rushed over to Amber and ripped the rope from her and held her against me. Facing everyone else I felt her struggle underneath my grip. I then bite my wrist and place it on her mouth. I see Damon step forward and in that moment I snap her neck. "No!!!" I hear everyone yell at the same time.

~~~~~~~~~Authors note~~~~~~~~~~

I made this chapter super long and sorry of there are mistakes didn't have time to proof read. I hope you like it next chapter will be in a lot of different peoples perspective I hope you liked it :D



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