The new girl in town

Amber is the new girl in Mystic Falls and little does she know things get crazy fast she meets new friends meets a guy and gets in a lot of trouble.


8. Damon's chapter

This whole chapter is in Damon's perspective

I swam over to Amber and placed my hands on her head and tried to push it under water. She then swam from underneath and I looked around confused.

"Where did she go" I thought in my head. I then felt her push down my whole body under the water and I felt her sit on my shoulders. I heard her say she won, I rolled my eyes and smirked. I stood up in the water since it wasn't that deep and tossed her over my shoulders.

"Haha you thought you would win so easily" I say with my back to her. I was about to turn around when I felt arms around my neck. I tried to shake her loose but she held on. "Damn she is strong" I thought in my head.

I finally manage to turn my self around. "Haha nice try princess" I say smirking. She doesn't answer, and I finally realize our faces are only inches apart. I couldn't help myself and I looked at her lips. "Gosh she is gorgeous" I thought in my head.

I then started to lean in and to my surprise she did too. I felt our lips meet the world seemed to stop spinning. Our lips moved in sync it felt so right to have her here, my hands on her waist and her arms around my neck. We finally pulled away

"We should go umm dry up" she said nervously. "Ya we should" I said smirking I tossed her over my shoulder and walked out of the water. I placed her down. I then proceeded to take off my shirt I saw her looking at me in awe I smirked "You have a little drool right there" I said pointing at her chin. It was amusing watching her wipe her face and then realize nothing was there. I laughed and told her I knew she was drooling over me. She blushed and told me she wasn't I knew she was lying so I just let her think whatever she wanted.

It been hours and we still weren't dry. "How long does it take to dry" she asked annoyed. "I don't know I'm not a clothes expert" I said annoyed too. I heard her sneeze I glance at her worried. "I hope you don't get sick I should have brought an extra blanket" I said disappointment . She then gets up and comes back with a blanket. She told me she was going to take off her clothes and replace it with the blanket.

When she came back I wasn't looking at her. Not so I can't get any ideas but to not show her I was blushing a lot. She fell asleep and I decided I was getting cold and took off the rest of my clothes except for my boxers of course, and fell asleep looking at the stars. I awoke the next morning by a scream in my ear. My eyes shot open and I looked around frantic that another vampire might have gotten her. However she was next to me unharmed.

"What what is it" I asked groggy. I then remembered last night and I'm guessing she found me on my boxers. I told her the story and added in that she wanted to cuddle with me. We left and I dropped her at her house.

Sorry I'm rushing to get to the good parts :3

I got home and decided to sit on the couch and have a drink. I played last nights events over and over in my head. Smiling each time I remembered the kiss. I was hungry since I had to hide I was a vampire from her. I went down into the basement/cellar and went to the cooler that had my blood bags in it. I grabbed one and opened it I then started sucking the delicious liquid out of the bag. I sucked it dry and tossed it aside I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I then went upstairs and sat back down on the couch.

What happened next changed everything. I was sitting on the couch when I heard a car roll up. I thought it was Stefan so I ignored it. However, to my surprise Caroline literally kicked the door open bursting into the living room. I then heard her start yelling at me "What the fuck Damon!"

I looked at her over my shoulder "What?" I asked annoyed. "You took Amber on a date?!" She asked furiously. I glanced at Amber barely noticing her "Oh, hi Amber" I said nonchalant. She waved nervously at me and whispered hi. "Don't say hi to her!" I heard Caroline say through clenched teeth. I rolled my eyes and answered her question "Yes Caroline I took her on a date" I said glaring at her over my shoulders.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Authors note!!!~~~~~~~~~~~

Thanks for reading ummm sorry I rushed through the first part :P and next chapter will be about Amber and Caroline. Oh and I'm adding myself and my cousin later in the story so if you want to get added

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