Strangely beautiful (jasper hale love story)

Anastasia is a young girl who spent half her life in Moscow, Russia. Her family owns orchards in different parts of the world when she was 10 years old her family moved to Oregon where they could advance their company.

Soon they move again to forks, Washington the rainiest place Anastasia has seen, her life suddenly changes by a boy. She teaches him that he's not a monster he's simply strangely beautiful


1. prologue

As the sun awakens I go over to the last peach in my family's orchard a blue jay comes and sits on a twine and watches me. The bird tilts it's head in amazement "what never seen a average girl pick a fruit off a tree before" I tell the bird the bird stares at me like it knew me suddenly felt like it was calling me it was a vision I was in a field sitting in the grass I was with a boy who had shimmering golden blonde hair "miss I'm pretty sure you can't wait to see what Rosalie and Alice made for you" the boy smirked in a southern accent.

He had such chilled facial features like a stature his eyes were dark but gazed sexually down at me. I giggled at him then I smashed his lips on to mine that's where I was out of the vision and back into reality.

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