Strangely beautiful (jasper hale love story)

Anastasia is a young girl who spent half her life in Moscow, Russia. Her family owns orchards in different parts of the world when she was 10 years old her family moved to Oregon where they could advance their company.

Soon they move again to forks, Washington the rainiest place Anastasia has seen, her life suddenly changes by a boy. She teaches him that he's not a monster he's simply strangely beautiful


2. chapter 1

As the bird flys away in modesty like it has a story to spread I look down at the fruits I smile slightly. ANASTASIA! My mom yelled I'm coming I yelled back when I walked up to the moving van hey! Dad you never said where we were moving to? I said opening the door to get in the back seat I looked at my phone to see what time it was 6:15 AM we're moving to forks, Washington where it's not much sunshine but it's a good place he said joining me sitting in the front seat. I'm already pale now I'm going to be white as snow I whined. Ana you don't look amazing in tan I like you pale mom interrupted

ok guys! We have 8 hours til forks so sleep it up my dad boomed while pulling away from a place that used to be home. I watch the buildings and green nature past by and there I fell asleep.

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