Just friends?

Gwen fredrickson has barley any friends. Over summer vacation her only friend. Who are actually guys, Ricky Nelson and luke Hemings. When luke and gwen start dating they try to keep it a secret. All goes well until Gwen's birthday when all is revealed right before Ricky's eyes. Fore his eyes. Can Gwen mend her relationship and continue dating Luke. Or is it over with them both?


2. who's the abs

Chapter 2

Ricky threw me across the room. We loved I wrestle.

"Hey man. Lay easy on her. Don't go wild. " I heard his voice. His so very familiar voice. Luke.

I hopped to my feet.

" Luke!" I tore from Ricky's grip and ounces onto Luke.

"Hey. Steady on the cream puffs there. Your getting bigger. " he poked my abs. I tore up my shirt.

"What do you mean! I only eat two a day! And my abs are STILL better than yours!" I snapped. Humorously.

"Na'uh. You're a liar." He pulled up his shirt comparing our abs.

"Ok guys. Enough. This is getting weird. " Ricky threw down our shirts.

"I'm starving!" I dropped to the floor dramatically.

"Get up miss prissy. " Ricky said as he rolled his eyes.

"Luke! Feed me!" He chuckled as he picked me up. I lay limp pretending I'm dead.

"Should we have a proper burial for Gwen?" He asked Ricky.

"We should. " I snapped up my head but quickly put it down.

I heard the screen door slam behind us.

"Oh shit! You guys were serious!" I squirmed from likes grasp falling on my butt.

"Zombie!" Luke hollered.

"Keep her contained while I dig!" Luke pressed my squirming body to the ground.

His face was so close to mine. His body leaning on me. Gorgeous. I just wanted to kiss him.

I screamed for having an excuse to kiss him. I leaned my head foreword and kissed. Not a kiss kiss just a peck on his lips.

"Get off there's a bug in my hair!" I shoved him off and whipped my hair around even though there was nothing there.

I stopped shaking and saw the look on likes face. He seemed astonished.

"Luke? You ok dude?" I asked.

"C-can I talk to you. " he gulped. "Alone. "

Ricky made a squishy face.

"Eww. " I smiled at Ricky. And laughed.

"What's up?" I asked. Like took me behind the house. He looked worried.

Suddenly like had smashed his face into mine. His lips locking mine. I felt like jelly. He clenched my hair so lightly.

I pulled him off.

"Stop. " I said.

"I know. We can't do this to Ricky. "

"No. That's not what. We can't do this to our friendship. " I fixed my hair and walked back to Ricky.

"Everything's ok. He just wanted to know I he was still allowed to go on that trip with me tomarrow." I lied.

"He couldn't say that in front of me?"

I shrugged my shoulders all innocent.

Suddenly Ricky came charging at me tackling me to the ground.

" like help! The zombies fighting back.!" Luke came from behind the house with a fake smile on.

"Ahh!!!" I screamed as they picked me up by my arms and legs throwing me in the man made hole.

They both chucked dirt at me and I layed there like a dead girl again making sure I didn't get diet on my eyes or up my nose or in my mouth.


I opened the door to my house and kicked off my dirt filled flip flops. I tiptoed upstairs and into my room.

Sitting on my bed was a person. I was about to scream.

"Shh. It's me. Luke. " I ran up to him sitting on his lap. We kissed. And kissed. And kissed.

I woke up to find like laying beside me. I smiled kissing his cheek. I still can't tell Ricky about last night. Hell. I'm not sure if I even know what happened. All I know is that me and like are going out and we can't tell Ricky.

I walked I the bathroom and turned on the cold water sticking my face in it. I pulled out my red toothbrush and threw on some toothpaste.

Luke came in. His eyes still closed. Started going piss.

"Aug! Ew! That's something no best friend wants to see!" I shielded my face.

Luke chuckled as he. Came up behind me and kissed my ear.

"He'll find out one way or another and you know that. " I stated.

He rubbed the front of my hand.

"I know. Mows jut not the time. Hell. We may break up and act like nothing happened even before he knew."

I looked at Luke.

"But that would never happen. Right?" He added quickly.

I rolled my eyes.

"Go home already. "

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