Two different worlds

She was a girl with one wish; not to be noticed. He was a boy with one wish; to be noticed. He was popular. She was the nerd. What happens when these two worlds collide?


7. New and Old Friends?

Skylar's POV

As I was climbing out the window I saw a black range rover and saw a girl who looked like me and I couldn't help but to scream and jump off the balcony. "Ahhh!!" I ran and jumped with her catching and hugging me. "I haven't seen you in forever,sis!!" "I know right! 5 months is sooo long!!" Ya see ma sis, Raven, has been in the states for a skating competition. "I got 1st!!" "I knew it! Ryan soo owes me 20£!!" "What did he bet" "that you wouldn't get in the top 3" "oh he is so dead" "you go gi-" "WHAT IS GOING ON OUT HERE?!" Shaggy bellowed. "Well my sis just got home so-" "aren't you grounded?" "Yea but you see sh-" "then how did you know she was here?" "I saw her from the balcony an-" "why were you on the balcony?" "When did we start playing 20 questions?" "The minute you woke me up!" "Sorry. I just wanted to see my sis" "why are you all dressed up?" "Cause I want to be"

More to come. Just had to update. Alondra you'll be in the next one or half.

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