Two different worlds

She was a girl with one wish; not to be noticed. He was a boy with one wish; to be noticed. He was popular. She was the nerd. What happens when these two worlds collide?


4. Meeting THEM

Skylar's POV

As soon as I stepped foot in my "house"(by that I mean mansion) I heard dad yelling and boys laughing. When I stepped into the family room I heard curly head say "she sounds all stuck up" to buzz cut. I just walked past them and into the kitchen grabbing a banana. They didn't see me so I snuck up the stairs to my room. I could hear them playing Black Ops:Ghosts fr- wait they're playing my Black Ops. This just got serious. I jumped off my bed and ran down the stairs to see I was correct about them playing it. "Get off the god d*** game!!! That's my game and score that you're gonna ruin!!!" They looked up at me starstruck. "What?! Ya look like you've never seen a girl in your life?" "No we've seen plenty of girls just not one with as much attitude and demanding-ness (is that a word) as you" said Irish boy. "Ya well you're gonna get a little bit more attitude if ya don't get off my f***** game this instant!!"


After a lot more yelling I got them off it and took all my games to my room. After I set then down I went to the backyard where Buddy was. Buddy is a Rottweiler, Australian Shepard, German Shepard, and Siberian Husky mix so he's very protective. Soon curly, buzz cut, Irish boy, stylish, and shaggy came out and sat down next to me. Well let's just say Buddy didn't like that very much and started growling at them. Trust me it's pretty scary when Buddy gets mad and that's coming from me and I'm around him all the time. Even more for strangers. So as soon as he started growling they backed up and away from me getting Buddy's message loud and clear. As soon as they backed away he seemed pleased with himself and came and sat next to me.

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