Waking Up To Be Mrs.Horan

My name is Raven. You probably don't know me. I'm the girl that sits in the back of the class and never raises her hand, yet I get really good grades and have a G.P.A of 6.0 . You've never seen me in the cafeteria because I have lunch in that little area under the stairs in the third building. I avoid talking to many people out of fear that if I do something stupid, they might spill out the dirt to the most popular girls in the school, Amber and Mackenzie. However, I have dreams that I want to share with other people. I want to be loved by someone that loves food and loves me for who I am. The only problem is that I don't know who that could possibly be.


1. Time For School


I woke up from a horrible nightmare that I was being chased by a rapist. When I opened my eyes, my palms were all sweaty and my feet were hurting a lot. I got out of my bed, wide awake from my nightmare, and took a shower, letting the sensation of warm water flow around my body. I rapped myself into my soft lavender towel that was surprisingly warm. I got dressed into a cute shirt with purple stripes along with my white jeans and some purple suspenders. I let my long, brown, curly hair flow today because I thought it would look good. And I think I was right. I grabbed my clear umbrella and headed off to school in the pouring rain. I kept my distance from anyone and everyone who knew me or knew the people that knew my enemies, Amber and Mackenzie, and arrived to school safely. I walked inside the third building and sat in the corner under the stairs that I claimed mine, and played in my phone. I started to play 'Flappy Bird' and I died at two-hundred when Amber and Mackenzie walked up to me. 

"Well would you look at the smart ass nerd sitting alone playing on her phone." Mackenzie said. Already, my face was crimson red in frustration. 

"I'm surprised that she's on her phone instead of doing tomorrow's homework." Amber stated. They think their so fresh because they're insulting me with insults as low as their I.Q levels. With that, I replied,

"Well, looks like we're both surprised because I'm surprised that you guys showed up to school instead of staying home, pretending to be sick, but actually fucking people like the sluts you are." Saying that, I felt so good yet so bad because I never really insulted them back before. I think I just sunk down to their level right now though. My thoughts were interrupted by Mackenzie lifting me up by the neck and saying,

"At least we have boyfriends.........and parents. Oh yeah, you DID have parents. They worked for MINE." She said, spitting the words at me. and then dropping me, causing me to fall to the ground. By then, there were a whole bunch of people surrounding us as the heat started to rise. Without realizing it, I did something I would really regret.

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