Waking Up To Be Mrs.Horan

My name is Raven. You probably don't know me. I'm the girl that sits in the back of the class and never raises her hand, yet I get really good grades and have a G.P.A of 6.0 . You've never seen me in the cafeteria because I have lunch in that little area under the stairs in the third building. I avoid talking to many people out of fear that if I do something stupid, they might spill out the dirt to the most popular girls in the school, Amber and Mackenzie. However, I have dreams that I want to share with other people. I want to be loved by someone that loves food and loves me for who I am. The only problem is that I don't know who that could possibly be.


7. Dinner time


We arrived at my house and I opened the door. I was greeted by Niall first with a quick peck on the lips. He looked at all of us and said,

"What are you guys wearing?" We all laughed because the look on Niall's face was more of a confused and surprised kind of look. 

"We're the three musketeers." I replied. We are the heroes of all of you peoples." Everyone gave us all standing ovations until they realized Josh was a grown man in tights. They stared at him weird and I explained, 

"It's part of the costume. You guys weren't the first to stare." The three of us laughed and I told Josh not to worry and that he didn't look bad, it was just unusual. 

"Thanks for the comfort, Raven." He said half sarcastically. We sat down to eat and started striking up conversations. 

"What did you guys do today?" Niall asked, and everyone stared in wonder. 

Josh and Jane didn't really want to talk, so I said,

" we got dressed into these musketeer outfits and then we headed downtown. We ran around shouting and chanting fir the longest time and then we decided to go watch a movie. I convinced the lady to let us watch divergent in D-BOX and It worked. Jane cried in one part of the movie, and Josh wished he could marry the girl who played Tris. We then went to Sloan's, took one last round of musketeer shouting, and then we cam here." When I finished, Jane said,

"I didn't cry in divergent, Just to get things cleared up. Raven cried and I laughed at her because her facial expression looked really messed up." By this time, she couldn't talk anymore because she was laughing so hard. 

"Okay, so what did you guys do today?" I asked excitedly.

"Well, we recorded a lot of songs. During our break time, we ate lunch, fooled around a little, and scrolled through instagram. I saw your photo and smiled, knowing you had a great time." Niall said. I blushed again and tried to hide but Josh and Jane saw it and said, 

"Aw, Raven's blushing." I blushed a little more and when Niall kissed me on the cheek, I was red as a tomato. Everyone laughed and I'm just sitting there with my face super red. To make matters worse, Dani said,

"Oh my gosh. I have Never seen Niall stop eating just to kiss a girl." I was so red, I thought I was going to explode. The only other guy I ever blushed for was a guy named Ron, and I was in middle school. I stopped liking him and started hating him when were going out. We were holding hands and he led me to the back of the school and started beating the crap out of me. Josh somehow found me, pulled the guy off of me, and started beating him up. I ran away because I hated to see Josh so mad, and then he caught up to me and I thanked him for saving me. 

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