Waking Up To Be Mrs.Horan

My name is Raven. You probably don't know me. I'm the girl that sits in the back of the class and never raises her hand, yet I get really good grades and have a G.P.A of 6.0 . You've never seen me in the cafeteria because I have lunch in that little area under the stairs in the third building. I avoid talking to many people out of fear that if I do something stupid, they might spill out the dirt to the most popular girls in the school, Amber and Mackenzie. However, I have dreams that I want to share with other people. I want to be loved by someone that loves food and loves me for who I am. The only problem is that I don't know who that could possibly be.


4. An awakening I will never forget



"Amber, Mackenzie, please stop! I'm begging you!" I screamed. We were at the back of the school and they were swinging punches at me. "Please, stop." I was being held down against a wall by some of their other friends, not able to move. They got so annoyed with my begging and pleading, they put duct tape over my mouth. After that, I was just screaming words all muffled like. Not that much longer later,Josh and Jane burst out the back door and Jane starts pushing everyone away from me and Josh takes Mackenzie and Amber away from me. 

"Oh my gosh, are you okay?" Jane asked me, taking the tape off of my face.

"Don't worry about me." I replied. "I'm fine." Tears were streaming down my face and I felt so weak. Josh then came up to me, pulled me into a hug, and kissed me on the forehead, just like he always did to comfort me. It always worked. After that, we left school and headed off to 'T.V Dinner', a restaurant where they served dinner in a T.V show themed atmosphere. We were discussing what movie we should watch. Jane and I wanted to watch twilight, while Josh wanted to watch transformers. After like 20 minutes of disagreeing, I suggested we watched snow white and the huntsman and we all agreed. It was the perfect movie to end a perfect day.


I woke up, but I was too lazy to open my eyes. I got a notification om my phone, so I grabbed it with my eyes closed and put it under me so that Jane wouldn't wake up. I finally decided I should just wake up and that Jane would wake up later. I opened my eyes and found myself in a totally different room. It was a very big room with a huge window. I decided to get up and look at the view, but when I was almost off of the bed, I heard a voice saying,

"Wait, don't leave." The voice was more of a thick Irish accent that made me melt. I got really startled and jumped, but ended up falling off of the bed and hurting my head. 

"What just happened?" I asked, confused. I started to get up, but I noticed a wedding ring. I figured that the only way I could get somebody to tell me what was going on. So, I decided to go for it. "One question." I started. "Who am I and what am I doing here?"


Oh god. She did not just ask that. Would a fall so small be able to do that to her? Well, she did hit her head pretty hard. What if she woke up with it though? I'm so scared. I thought I would be able to keep her from getting hurt, but now she's sitting here with the two questions I never wanted to have her ask. The only other people here were the boys and their girlfriends so I decided to call them.

"Guys?" I called, my voice really shaky. My voice isn't this shaky unless something really bad has happened or I'm really scared. The boys must have heard the shakiness of my voice because they were here faster than you can say banana split.

"Yes?" Harry asked. "What's wrong?"

"Raven has amnesia." I replied.

"Are you sure she's not messing with you?" Harry asked.

"I'm sure." I replied. "She would never want to worry me like this. She would've apologized by now." With that, Raven went to the kitchen and grabbed a whole bunch of food from the fridge. She didn't grab just any food, though. She grabbed MY food. She sat at the table and started to eat and I tried not to chase her around the house. She would become scared of me. As she ate, she asked us to tell her who we were and what was going on. So, we did. 

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