Waking Up To Be Mrs.Horan

My name is Raven. You probably don't know me. I'm the girl that sits in the back of the class and never raises her hand, yet I get really good grades and have a G.P.A of 6.0 . You've never seen me in the cafeteria because I have lunch in that little area under the stairs in the third building. I avoid talking to many people out of fear that if I do something stupid, they might spill out the dirt to the most popular girls in the school, Amber and Mackenzie. However, I have dreams that I want to share with other people. I want to be loved by someone that loves food and loves me for who I am. The only problem is that I don't know who that could possibly be.


6. A day as musketeers


I called Josh and Jane to see if they wanted to hang out today and they agreed. Josh picked up Jane and they both came to pick me up soon after.

"Hey guys!" I said,really exited to see my friends again.

"Hey!" They said, but not at the same time. 

"Can we ask you a question?" He asked, knowing I would approve anyway.

"Sure." I replied.

"We need to go into you r house for a wardrobe change.....for all of us." Jane said.

"Of course." I said. We all went inside the house and Josh gave us some new outfits to wear. They were the three musketeers outfits with little matching masks. We put on the outfits and masks as Josh and Jane put their clothes into a little bag. We got into the car and I decided to strike up a conversation.

"Wow, time has flown by. It's like I went to sleep in the orphanage last night and woke up married to an international pop star. How did that happen?" I said, telling the truth but making it seem fake.

"I know. It's weird. Don't judge but what if that actually happened? I'm suddenly  married to Taylor Laughtner." Jane said.

"Preach it to the quire sister. I won't judge." I said. We started driving and I decided to suggest parking Josh's car at his house.

"I think that would be a great idea." Josh started. "But what if we get tired and need the car to go the rest of the way?" Jane nodded her head in agreement. I suddenly shouted,

"To the parking garage!!!" And Josh and Jane shouted in response,

"To the parking garage!!!" We got to the parking garage and got out of the car. We started running, clinging onto each other's arms, me in the middle, Jane on my left, and Josh on my right. We ran across the whole place, and shouted things like,

"The three musketeers have reunited!" , "We are the three musketeers!" , or even "To the glory of the muskets!" We decided to go to a movie. We all decided to go see divergent. When we got to the ticket stand, we asked for three adult tickets and asked for three D-BOX seats, but the lady said that there were no more available seats. I was really upset, so I claimed,

"We are heroes, we must get D-BOX!!!" We fixed our posture and put our hands over our hips, trying to look more heroic.

"I'll see what I can do." She replied, knowing that we weren't gonna give up. "Oh look." She said. "I found three available D-BOX seats." We all jumped for joy as we went inside, knowing the movie was going to start soon. We ordered the biggest bag of popcorn there was, buttered it, and went inside. We got some really weird stares from everyone especially Josh, considering the fact that he's a man in tights. Ignoring everyone, we watched the movie and I started to cry when the mother died. When Jane saw me cry, she started to laugh, claiming that my face looked messed up , while Josh pulled me into him and stroked my hair to comfort. We all knew how a mother dying felt so we didn't laugh at Tris for crying. However, some other people in front of us did. I wanted to kick their seats so badly.  When the movie ended, we went to Sloan's and we all ordered a chocolate and vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top. 

"Hashtag dress the same eat the same." I said. They laughed and nodded in agreement. I took a groupie with them and posted it on instagram , using that hashtag and another one that said 'Hashtag three musketeers', ragging Josh and Jane in the picture. Right away, Niall, Harry, Louie, Danielle, and Perrie liked my photo. Niall comented, " Love ya princess. Hope to see you by dinner." I blushed and they just stared at me laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked.

"You're blushing." Josh replied. 

"So?" I asked, my face getting redder by the second. Trying to change the subject, I asked, "Would you guys like to come over for dinner tonight?" They both said sure I asked Niall if he was alright with me inviting some friends over tonight and he said it was alright.  He said that everyone was already home and that Harry was cooking dinner, so that we may as well go over now. "Guys, Niall said that we should go over now, is that alright with you guys?"

"Yeah." They both said in unison. We did out last round of musketeer shouting and ran back to the parking garage once again, clinging onto each other's arms.

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