Demi Lovato's Daughters


Grace Lilly Robertson is Mute. Well, was mute.
Katie Jean McDonald has been abused and suffers horrible anxiety attacks.

What happens when one day, Demi Lovato just wanders into the orphanage where Grace lives? Well, she gets adopted of course! Demi takes her home and makes her feel loved, and lets her walls come down. And then, a couple of weeks later, she adopts Katie, the quiet girl in the corner who refuses to speak about her past?

Read to find out!


1. Prolouge

Because I have horrible writers block for Five Minds Nine Hearts, I thought I'd give you a sneak peak of my new story: Demi Lovato's Daughter!

Special thanks to my friend Cam who pointed out that drawer is not the correct term for artist! 




Demi's P.O.V


I walked into the orphanage, looking at the cute little faces of the kids sitting in the room. My best friend Marisa was right next to me, pointing out every kid she saw that she thought I'd like. I shifted my gaze over all the kids in the room until I noticed a girl in the back corner. She was probably about twelve or thirteen, and her clothes were ripped in a couple places. I noticed that she had a very outdated iPhone, and that she was an artist. She was concentrating hard on an image, and from where I was standing, it reminded me of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Right away I knew she was the one for me. Her brown hair reminded me of my old shade back when I was on Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance. In other words, she reminded me of a little me, minus all the things that I had to go through. I looked at Marisa, who was already talking to some of the girls at a coloring table. I smiled, knowing that she'd be coming back sometime soon.

"Ah, Miss Lovato! What a pleasure!"

"Thank you for letting me come in on such short notice Isabelle." I replied, shaking her hand. "I'm sorry about the last minute set up."

"No problem Demi!" she laughed, smiling at me. "I'll get the girls ready."

"Which one are you gonna pick Dems?" I turned to face Marisa, who was looking at me with eager eyes.

"I'm not sure yet. There's a girl in the back corner around Maddie's age who looks like she could use a home."

"Alright girls! We have Ms-"

"Demi Lovato! Oh my gosh!" The girl I spotted earlier had stayed in the corner, working on whatever she was working on as all the other kids in the rooms came up and wrapped around my waist.

"Why is she adopting one of us? To be her charity case?" the whole room went silent and we all looked at one of the girls in the back. "I mean, come on, does she really want anybody in this room?"

"Amanda that is enough." she walked out the front door of the orphanage, causing the kids to look around.

"I'm sorry about her, she's not usually like that."

"Well, for one thing, who ever I take home will have the best mom in the world!"

"You sure about that Dems?" Marisa joked, causing some of the older kids to laugh. "'Cos we all know that you can't cook for your life."

"Gracie can." One of the older girls pointed to the girl in the back corner. "She makes the best omelets in the whole world! No offense Ms. Isabelle."

"None taken. And yes, Gracie is a fabulous cooker. She usually makes the meals for all fifty kids in the orphanage, including herself, when I'm not around or busy with parents." I looked at Ms. Isabelle with a smile on my face.

"Can I talk to you about the paper work?"


Isabelle and I were sat at a desk in her office, talking about the paper work. Thank God my manager, Zach, let me adopt a kid. He said as long as they didn't make a fuss at all that they'd be a keeper. So I talked to Marisa about it and the next thing we know, we're here, looking at kids to adopt.

"You said something about Grace Roberts, am I correct?" Isabelle asked, looking at me.

"Yeah." I smiled, running a hand through my pink hair. Well, as much pink hair as I could run my hand through. "I did."

"Well, her story is quite interesting." Both me and Marisa sat up straighter, looking at Isabelle. "She came to us as a infant, two weeks old at tops, with no traces of her family. A couple years later when she was five, she was adopted, and returned the next month. She came back with many bumps and bruises, and a tiny limp. We asked her what happened but she refused to tell us. Then she got adopted again, and came back the next week yelling at us to take her back because the old man was hurting her."

"In- In what way?" my eyes were filled with tears and I could barely see.

"She never told us. But I presume it was the same as the time before, and I hate to say this, but I think sexually." I bit back a sob, as did Marisa. "She hasn't spoken since."

"I'm taking her."

"Are you sure?" Marisa looked at me, and I sighed.

"Remember when you told me that I had the power to help somebody? Well I'm using that power now."

"Do you want to go and try to talk to her?" Isabelle asked, handing me a tissue. "And if you do, you may want to wipe your face."

After I wiped my face, I fixed my makeup before going out to the room where Grace was. Marisa started to entertain the younger ones as I walked up to Grace, sitting next to her. She didn't acknowledge I was there, but I could tell that she knew I was there. She continued to color her sketch, which I now noticed was Winnie the Pooh. Her tongue poked out between her teeth as she worked on the picture, causing me to smile. She traced the outside of the drawing with the different colors of all the characters before lightly coloring inside of the lines. I have to admit, the girl had skill. I heard a sniffle and I saw her hand go up to her face, wiping her cheeks. I tilted her head up so it was facing me, and using my thumb I wiped off the traces of her tears. Grace gave me a sad smile before going back to her drawing. Isabelle looked at me from the other end of the room and I nodded, knowing that she was the one I had to take home with me. Isabelle came over and gave me the papers, and patted Grace on the shoulder. She told her what was going to happen and that I was a nice lady, and she smiled really big, causing me to smile as well. Right away Grace put away her colored pencils and put them back in a little box before going to pack her things. Marisa came over to me, handing me her phone. After we took a picture with the kids for twitter, the two of us thanked Isabelle and went to go find Grace. We found her in one of the rooms on her bed, closing her suitcase.

"Hi Grace." She jumped, turning around to look at me. "I'm sorry! Did I scare you?" she shook her head, causing me to sigh with relief. "So, are you ready to go home?"

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