The Creed Original book adaptation

I had to make a script for my theater class and I was working on the book at that moment so I manged to easily adapt chapters 2 and 3 into the performance but then my director from my group said from my second try in the class (I had to retake the class due to medical leave) that it was two short and that I needed a few more charters to incorporate everyone in the script so I did so without further adew here is The Creed: Theater adaptation.


1. setting

The setting is the hideout with the crumbleing pillars and what looks like is a part of a ruend and ground eaten house that had to of been underground for years though still in together and this dose contain one sentance that is not in the book that is in here.


Arcum- Big toughguy but has to be gentle as a kitten.

Winter- unsure and young (about 6 years old can be a bit older or yonger)

Shiv- evel and misterious in thoughout the script has Matrix like clothing

Greave- Misterious but almost exsact opisite of Shiv but wants to get the job done

Garen- Supressed evil side, has little but of curiocity in this scene in this scene

added chariters in the Exstened version:

Younger Arcum- Complete softy and confused about the mission

Younger Shiv- Personality like older one but has more plain like clothing then elabrate and iconic Matrix like but along same style


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