My Brother's Best Friend

Leah is falling for her older brother Niall's best friend, Harry. What should she do? Niall can not find out about this.


1. What?

Niall, my brother, just told me that he's having a party at our house tonight. Mom and Dad are out of town, so of course Niall thinks it is okay.


"Can you drive to the store for some balloons please? And you can also get some pop if you want." Oh, as if.


Niall treats me like I'm nothing. I'm only two years younger than him. He can't tell me what to do all the time. Are all brothers like this?


"Um, no." I scream at him.

"How about yes or I'm not letting you come."


I stomp to my room. Niall isn't the smartest of his friends. Duh, the party is at MY house so I AM coming to it. Obviously.


Slamming the door behind me, I jump onto my bed. I call Harry, Niall's friend. The only reason I have his number is because he gave it to me this one time when he was flirting with me. I never told Niall about it, because I know he'd freak out.




"Hi." I say blankly.


"You finally called." Harry laughs. "I knew you felt something towards me."


"Yeah, I feel disgust toward you. You're my brother's best friend."


I tell him about the party Niall is having tonight, but of course he already knows. Niall has known Harry since elementary school.


"Well, I gotta go, Niall's sister. See you at the party." And then we hang up. I hear Niall out in the kitchen and living room setting up things. He locks a door before leaving to go to the store I'm guessing.


I hang out in my room for the next hour deciding what to wear. I invited my friends, even though Niall doesn't know that either. I know that we will still be outnumbered by seniors for sure, since he is inviting everyone he knows.


I text Callie to come over ASAP to help me pick out the outfit, since I am clearly having trouble.


I go to open my door to go out to the living room, but the door won't open. What?


I twist the handle like crazy. I even kick the door because it could have been jammed, but nooo. Not that either.


Niall locked it!

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