My Brother's Best Friend

Leah is falling for her older brother Niall's best friend, Harry. What should she do? Niall can not find out about this.


4. The Next Morning

*The next morning*


I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. Perfect. Who would be calling at 5:30 in the morning?


Answering the call without checking who it is, I lay back down and close my eyes. "Hello? What the heck do you want its like 5:30 on a Saturday morning?"


"Well then, Sleeping Beauty, why were you up so late? Its one thirty in the afternoon, honey."




"Oh, I just-" I tried to think of an excuse. "Couldn't sleep last night." Before she could reply to that, I changed the subject. "How is you're vacation going?" I sit up and get out of bed.


"Great. Thanks for asking. How are you? I miss you so much."


While throwing on some jeans and a tank top, I reply. "I'm great." I throw my hair into a ponytail. "I miss you, though."


"Oh honey, I'll be home in one more week. I can come home early if you need me to, remember."


That is NOT happening. "No its okay Mom. Go have fun."


"Well tell Niall I said hi and I'll talk to you guys later. I love you!"


"I know, bye." I hang up and run out of my room to go tell Niall I saved his butt.


When I reach the end of the hall into the living room, what is in front of me is nothing I expected. Its a disaster! Pop cans and chips and garbage filled the floor and you can't even see the kitchen counter.


Trying to ignore it, I open the fridge only to find basically no food. While I'm looking in the cupboard, something drops on my head and slips onto my shoulders too. By looking down at my shoulder, I see that it is eggs, and since eggs don't just fall out of the sky, I look up to see that they were smashed onto the ceiling. Our ceiling was egged. This is a fun morning! Yeah right.


So when Niall comes downstairs, I yell at him. "Stop staring at the mess! Pick it up!"


"Well you're in a bad mood."


"What do you expect?" I stop yelling at least. "I wake up to Mom calling me and then I come in here to see the mess and then an egg falls from the ceiling onto my clean shirt!"


I guess I said bye-bye to the stop yelling part. Sorry Niall.


"That's not my fault, missy." Niall walks over to the fridge.


I add "Oh and by the way we have nothing to eat." I stomp out of the room and slam the front door behind me. I need to go for a drive.


While I start to head to my car, or Niall's actually, I see Harry pull up in our driveway and get out.


He comes over and hugs me from behind. "Hey Niall's little sister. What do you think you're doing? You know he's gonna kill you if you do anything to his baby."


I laugh. Harry knows Niall just as much as I do.


"I know."


He kisses me on the cheek. "Where ya going? I can take you. Niall doesn't know I'm here."


Without answering, I slam Niall's car' door shut and run over to the passenger side of Harry's jeep.


Once we start driving, I tell him what my excuse will be. I'll tell Niall I'm at Callie's house for a while. That's only if he asks because he seriously probably won't care. If I died he wouldn't do anything so whatever.


We start talking I how my morning went and how big of a mess the house is and how I just wanted to go for a short drive to get my mind off things. I told him about the call with Mom and where they are and when they are coming back. And I told him about how I yelled at Niall this morning.


It was easy for me to tell him everything.


Wait, that's a bad thing.


"So, how about we stop at the movie theatre?" Harry asks me.


"Do you mean like a date?"


He winks. I'll take that as a yes.


So, I walk into the theatre holding hands with Harry Styles, my brother's best friend.

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