My Brother's Best Friend

Leah is falling for her older brother Niall's best friend, Harry. What should she do? Niall can not find out about this.


7. Road Trip

[Leah's POV]


Ok, so I woke up and am now actually able to move and talk and interact. Apparently I've been out in the coma for a month. After that, I had to be in the hospital and all this other stuff, including bed rest and crap.


But now, I am finally able to go see Harry. "Please baby, come home, I miss you."


He replies into the phone. "I'm sorry Leah. I gotta go now, bye."


And then he hangs up on me. So I sit in my room on my laptop (Mom bought me a new one) and tried to see how much stuff I missed in the month I missed.


[Harry's POV]


"Please baby, come home, I miss you." She asks me for the millionth time.


I sigh. I have to do this. As much as it hurts, and no matter how much I am sure that we are meant to be, I have to choose what I am doing over her.


"I'm sorry Leah. I gotta go now, bye." After I hang up the phone, I lay my head back onto the pillow in the hotel room and try not to cry.


I know that sounds girl-ish but I really don't care. Leah is my world.


But, I am still going on with my plan. I miss her all the time, and she never leaves my mind.


"Bye." I re-say out loud to myself in the empty hotel room. I can't believe I said that.


All of a sudden, Niall barges in. "bro, just are you doing? We have to leave now!"


Yes, I am going to NYC with my best friend. He still hasn't fully forgiven me, but he is letting me come with him. We both needed and wanted to leave and now was my chance to get away from everything.


Let's just hope it goes well.


I head out into the front lobby of the hotel. Niall waits there, not looking at me. Yup. He's still mad.


We head out to the car, which we are both riding in Niall's, without saying anything.


And farther away from my baby we go...

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