My Brother's Best Friend

Leah is falling for her older brother Niall's best friend, Harry. What should she do? Niall can not find out about this.


2. Niall's back

"Niall!" I yell through the closed and locked bedroom door of mine. I can hear him out there, setting up the extra-loud speakers in the living room down the hall.


I know he can hear me.


I take out my phone and call him. I can hear the ringing from where I am. Automatic voicemail.


"Niaaaaaall!!!! I scream one last time before banging on the door some more. "Unlock the door!"


He still doesn't say anything so I assume he's just going to keep ignoring me. He has to unlock it sooner or later so I just go back to picking out clothes. I send Callie more picks out the shirts I'm thinking about because I guess she can't come over yet.


All of a sudden I hear my brother's voice from right outside the door. "You're not coming out till the party is over."


I ignore him. Whatever. Good luck with that Niall.


*30 Minutes Later*


I have finally chosen what to wear. My skinny jeans and some rock shirt. The average outfit, but good enough to wear to my brother's party.


Checking the time, it is ten. The party is starting soon. He'll let me out by then.


"You can't wear that to the party!" Callie snaps. "Hot senior guys will be there!" My best friend is fashion-obsessed by the way. "You do realize that, right?"


"Not that I am interested in any of them."


"Oh come on, Leah I don't buy it."


"Well you should because it's true. I'm only coming because later I can bust Niall." I partly lie to her.


"Okaaay sure Leah. Whatever you say."


The door being locked doesn't even bother me enough to tell my best friend about it. I shrug as I hang up the phone.


*20 Minutes later*


"Niall, unlock it please." I say normally to my brother, who I know is just in the other room.


I can tell that some of his friends are already here. "Just let her out, Niall."


As usual, Niall doesn't say anything back to me. All of a sudden, the door slams open though. I turn to head out the door when I see Harry, not my brother at all.


"It wasn't that hard, man!" Harry yells back to Niall as he heads back over there. I leave my room, closing the door behind me, and go into the kitchen, passing Niall.


"Thanks." I whisper to Harry. No one hears except him.


Harry turns to the guys. "Uh, actually I'm gonna be right back. I think I forgot the something in the car." He winks at me. Harry goes out the front door and I follow a minute or so later so Niall won't suspect.


"You're so welcome." Harry says softly to me, stepping closer.


I smile and lean against the house right as Harry kisses me. Oh how perfect it was.


I laugh a little bit. Yeah, it caught me off guard a little bit, but I was expecting it at the same time.


"Did you like that?" he asks me. I check to make sure the window is closed so Niall can't see me shake my head yes.


"Good." and he kisses me again before going back in the house. The sky is dark and the little stars are so pretty.


The door closes behind Harry and I'm left to stand there thinking about what just happened.


My phone vibrates from my pocket. One new message from Harry.


"I liked it too." I smile. I already knew that.

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