My Brother's Best Friend

Leah is falling for her older brother Niall's best friend, Harry. What should she do? Niall can not find out about this.


5. Just A Friend

"So what, you guys are dating now?" My eager friend asks me. Callie didn't forget about the party and how I was hanging out with Harry for a while, or about how I ended up ditching the party for the computer in my room.


"No, we are just friends."


"Does your brother know that you guys are friends?"


I stop for a second. Callie is my best friend, she can tell when I am lying or when I'm sad or when I'm in love. It doesn't matter what I say, she will know what I'm feeling.


"Yes he does." I lie.


"I'm gonna call him to make sure then..."


"No!" I scream immediately. Callie knows how to make me confess. So I tell her that we are not "a thing" but we are really good friends who have went on one date before.




So then we go into this crazy, girly conversation that is not important. Honestly, I hate talking about boys, being around boys, and having a crush on boys. Guys are gross, and random, and all of them are jerks.


*1 hour later*


Niall hasn't cleaned up one thing since I left this morning. While I was at Callie's I got a text from him saying that I had to come home to clean it, but whatever. I am NOT going to be the one cleaning up a mess from his party that I didn't even want to come to.


When I get to my room, I leave the door open, only because of my stupid brother. For some reason my room smells like peanut butter.




I ignore him and open my computer. Or, try to open it at least.


"NIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!" I yell at him annoyed.


I run out into the kitchen, where he is standing at the counter, texting or playing Flappy bird. I hit him on the shoulder with my hand. If only I had a bat right now..


"What, Princess?"


"You ruined my laptop! You idiot!" I picture the peanut butter inside, filling my laptop keyboard and screen.


"Only because you didn't listen to me and come home when I told you to." He ignores all of my slaps as if he doesn't feel them and goes to his room.




*20 minutes later*


"Hey Harry. Its me. Thank you for the movie date, it was fun. But I was calling because I think I left my jacket in your car, so call me back. Bye." I left the voicemail when he didn't answer.


I look down at my outfit of the day. It is definitely not Instagram worthy at all.


Since speaking to Niall earlier after finding out what he did to my laptop, I have been trying to decide if I should tell Mom. I don't want to ruin her vacation, and I definitely want her to go on another vacation soon. Niall would find something to tell on me anyways.



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