My Brother's Best Friend

Leah is falling for her older brother Niall's best friend, Harry. What should she do? Niall can not find out about this.


12. I missed him

(Leah's POV)


So...I decided to call him back. Him as in Harry.


"Hi, its Harry. Leave a message."


I heard the beep. "Its Leah. Call me back." I pushed end and then whispered "I love you too." And then fell asleep on the couch.




"Mom!!!!!" I scream. It was the timer on the microwave. "Did you forget it was summer and I theres no school so I am allowed to sleep in past six in the morning?"


Mom is no where around so I force myself to get out of bed to turn off the noise. "Mom!"


"Sorry, Mom isn't home right now." I hear a voice come up from behind me. "But I am."


I turn around to see Harry. I can't help but throw my arms around his neck and kiss him. "Hey."


"Morning." His greenish eyes catch me off guard. Something explodes inside of me, like a bunch of butterflies live in there.


"What time is it? I can't believe you are back. Is N-"


"Three A.M. and I came back to see you." I pauses. "Niall will be coming back sooner or later."


"What do you mean?"


"He says he is never coming back, but I know he will be." He winks and I don't even know why I asked about Niall. He should be happy for his little sister, and if not that, then he should be happy for his best friend.


A normal big brother would be happy for both of us.


I understand that it might be a little awkward, but it is not a reason to leave everyone.


"I'm so happy your back." I repeat, looking into his eyes.

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