My Brother's Best Friend

Leah is falling for her older brother Niall's best friend, Harry. What should she do? Niall can not find out about this.


9. How can you say that?

(Harry's POV)


I stare out the window. I can't believe I said that to Leah. I can just imagine how she feels. Horrible. But I feel worse, knowing that I did that to her. I want Niall to turn the car in the other direction and head home. All I want is to see her.


But I don't say anything. I just keep staring out the window.


(Niall's POV)


I can tell that something went wrong during Harry's convo with Leah, but I am not going to ask.


Its actually a good thing. The sooner the better. Its gonna happen sometime, Leah and her little obsessive-ness and bratty attitude. Its going to be a good day when Harry lets Leah go.


(Leah's POV)


Harry. Is. Just. My. Brother's. Best. Friend.


I need to get that into my brain. Now I see that I totally was just wishing we had more than that, and that I got mixed up with what was reality and what was fake.


Whatever. I've already cried out all my tears. There's nothing else I can do.


Until I get a call from Harry at lunchtime.


I sit on the couch watching a dramatized chic flic. And I never watch those. A bowl of ice cream lays in my hand as the remote sits next to me.


That's when my phone rings. I debate on whether to answer it or not. I choose at the last minute what my decision is and pull the phone up to my ear.






"Its Harry."


I sigh and don't say anything. There's silence until he asks if I'm still there.




"Okay good, because I really need to apologize." He tells me, but I find myself not saying anything back once again. There is this lump in my throat that makes it impossible to speak.






"I'm sorry for saying that I am just your brother's best friend. Its n-"


"Just stop, Harry. Its okay, I understand. It wasn't like I thought it was. My mistake." I pull the phone down from my ear to hang up, but for some reason, I don't. I hold it there next to my knee as I stare at it. Something makes me want, I mean need, to hear what he says.


"Leah, its not like that." my thumb hovers over the end button-


"I love you."


I don't have time to think. I hang up the phone right then and there.


(Leah and Niall's Mom's POV)


Leah all of a sudden stands up from her spot on the couch. She stares at the phone in her hand like shes waiting for something. But it doesn't I guess because she doesn't move.


After a very long few minutes, she slowly brings herself into the kitchen to set down her half-eaten bowl of chocolate ice cream. I ask her what's wrong, but she pretends to not hear me. She puts her phone in her pocket and turns toward the stairs to go back up to her room, and after a step or two, she puts her hands up to her face.


She wears her volleyball short-shorts and a giant sweatshirt. She stops moving.


"Leah, are you alright?" I ask her once again.


But this time, she drops to her knees and forces her head against the wall in the hallway. I rush over to her and give her a hug to try and calm her down. I can't think of what this could be about, but she is obviously hurt in some way.



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