My Brother's Best Friend

Leah is falling for her older brother Niall's best friend, Harry. What should she do? Niall can not find out about this.


6. Harry

"He seriously ruined my laptop!"




"Because he has major anger issues." I complain to Harry as he drives me to the mall.


"It's okay babe." He comforts me. And then he puts his hand on my knee, but then he starts going higher up my leg..




He keeps going as he drives.


"Leah, I love you." And he leans in to kiss me. I back up a little at first, but there wasn't much room between my head and the window.


All of a sudden we swerved and then there was a big bang and everything went black......


[Niall's POV]


"Um mom, sorry to end your vacation, but uh...." I try to put into words what happened.


"Whats wrong honey?" Mom says over the phone.


"Um..." I stop for a minute.


"Niall, tell me right now."


"You're gonna be mad.."


"Is it about the party you threw?"


I froze. Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap...


"What party?" What is she talking about?


So, just so I don't get busted for that, I just tell her the truth.


[Harry's POV]


I swear it wasn't on purpose. I leaned in to kiss her, and that's all I remember before the crash. Soon we were off the road, and now she's in a coma. For me, I wasn't hurt as bad as she was. Last I've heard she hasn't woken up.


Niall hates me.


"I'm sorry. For the millionth time, I'm sorry." I tell him.


"Just stay away from me. I can't believe you were hooking up with my sister!" Niall slams the door, going into the hospital room where Leah is. Their parents are in there at the moment, which is the second reason why Niall won't talk to me. He's getting busted for the party too.


He doesn't even care about Leah being in a coma. He's happy because there is "no one there anymore to bug him."


I don't understand how he can treat her like that.


[Leah's POV]


I sit there, not able to talk or move or anything. I can hear them, though. I really can. My mom and Dad are here. Crap.


"She's in a coma!" I hear Niall's voice. "How is that my fault?"


Of course Niall would say that.


Niall leaves the room again I think, because Mom and Dad start talking about him. "I'm taking away his car." Daddy says.


If I could move, I would smile. Niall would die without his baby.


[Niall's POV]


This is ridiculous. Dad's taking away my car for throwing the party.


"I'm sorry bro." Harry tries again. He hooked up with my sister and now I'm getting busted! All because of him and his car crash!


"You know what? Its totally okay that you are dating my sister and never told me. And its totally okay that I am getting busted because of that. If Mom and Dad had never had to come home early, then I wouldn't be getting busted, would I?"


"It isn't my fault you threw that party!"


"Well guess what? I don't care. All I know is that my Dad is taking away my car now!"


"You don't even care about your sister, do you? She's in a coma right now and all you care about is your car? Your sister was in a car accident! You don't even ask how she's doing or anything! You wouldn't give a crap if she was out for a month!"


"Yeah well who crashed the car?" I snap back at him. He doesn't reply, just looks down at the ground.


"That's what I thought." And then I left the hospital and went to my car to drive away. Not home, not anywhere that someone would ever guess I'd be. I'm going to New York.


****Note: So just to let you know, they live in Oregon. Across the United States from New York. And I know this was a little confusing, but I hope u like it!


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