My Brother's Best Friend

Leah is falling for her older brother Niall's best friend, Harry. What should she do? Niall can not find out about this.


3. Callie's obsession

Right when Callie gets here, she scolds me.


"I told you to change! Girl, what are you thinking?"


"I was thinking that I don't care." I sigh. I know Callie won't give in.


"Wear this." she hands me a dress that she just pulled out of her car.


Holding out the dress in front of me to take a look, I make a face. "I am not wearing this."


But, Callie has determination. Twenty minutes later, I was coming out of the bathroom wearing a dark black short dress, along with a pair of Callie's heels and one of my silver chain heart necklaces. Eiffel towers were hanging from my ears as earrings and guess what was all over my face? Callie went overboard with the make-up.


"Per-fect." Callie claps her hands proudly. "Now lets go talk to some boys." she grabs my shoulders and turns me around toward our used-to-be-living-room.


I have to admit, Niall did a great job setting up.


I look at my best friend. "No, you go talk to some boys."


That would be easy for Callie. She's gorgeous. Her dark brown hair is pulled up in a beautiful updo along with dangle earrings and flawless make-up. And what she's wearing? A dark pink one-shoulder short dress with a bow around the waist.


"Come on!" She grabs my wrist anyways and pulls me down the hall until I am in the middle of the crowd of people. Its dark, except for the different colored lights. I wonder how Niall even did this..


Harry comes over to me. "Hey." Callie stops pulling deeper into the crowd when she sees him. Her mouth form a shape in between "surprised" and a smile. She lets go and turns around.


"Cal-" I start, but she'd already out of sight. "Bye, Leah!" I hear barely.


"You look amazing." Harry smiles. I never realized how perfect it is. I don't even think I've ever even realized he had dimples.


But that's probably because Niall and his friends never pay any attention to me. And me and my friends don't pay any attention to them. Except Callie..


"Thanks.." I didn't know what else to say. "You look nice too."


The song changes. "I love this song." I pretty much just say it so its not awkward and to keep the conversation going.


With that, Harry puts his hand on my waist and grabs my hand. "Let's dance."


We start moving for a while when I see Niall. I jump back a few feet.


Niall looks at Harry and then to me and back to Harry. "Are you coming to set up the fire or not?"


"I'm coming." Harry replies. Once Niall is gone, Harry talks to me. "We're gonna go set up something so we can make s'mores out back."


I shake my head, understanding, and then turn to go find Callie.


Well, found her.


Callie is over dancing with some senior guy. Just like she said she'd be doing, right?


So instead of going over to her, I just head back into my room to change so I don't have to be stuck in this dress.


In the meantime, I check my texts. "Niall is asking about y I waz talkin 2 u"


"Wht u say back"


"I told him the truth. theres absolutely nothing goin on between us *wink wink*"


That makes me smile.

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