The Fault In Our Stars- After the Ending


2. Isaac

He was my friend, my best friend; the eulogy I had given him at his actual funeral was a lot less comical than the one I'd written beforehand, for the 'pre-funeral'. I knew it was coming, we all did, yet there's an odd sort of pain in the pit of my gut that still hasn't quite left. It's been a month. A long, tiring month that's dragged like hell; no Augustus, still no Monica, nothing. But the part of me Monica had once held was no longer there; though for the latter months I could do nothing but hear him Gus was my main priority. Dead or alive. He always came first.

Losing him, was almost like losing my sight. In no way were either experiences pleasant, but I'd rather have Augustus back than the ability to see. Like I said, I'd tell the doctors to screw off if there ever came a time robotic eyes were invented in order for me to have my sight back, because I don't want to see a world without my best friend in it.

However, there's one main difference between losing my vision and losing my best mate: within a few days, I'd adapted to the misery of seeing nothing but mere darkness. But Gus no longer being here? That's something I still haven't got quite used to.

(A/N: I've just re-read this, and realised it's in first person, which the first chapter was not and I'd forgotten, but oh well; I think this is a better way of putting the Character's feelings across anyway- so I may continue writing this way, or vary it with each chapter)

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