Willow, Isabelle, Katie, Holly and Louis went on an adventure on an Island beyond imagination where there was luxury and where everything was magical!!! But there was good creatues and bad creatures facing their way...
Their challenge within the next 72 hours is to find 7 people who is in need for help and help them!!! But it won't be that easy... If they pass they got Thousands of refilable money but if they fail they might lose their lives by getting turned to stone but they will also loose their country too by the leader of Olympus " Jupiter!"


1. Surprise...

Dear Diary,


I think yesterday was probably the best day of my entire life!!!
Not only did i have a fantastic time at the Halloween dance last night, with my crush, LOUIS, but I think that he might actually like me!!!!!!! :-) !!!!!! OK you're probably wondering how i know? Well, i'll tell you! Basically, in lessons he always hugs me always stares at me in a very loving mood.... although it is quite embarrassing.......LOL!!!!!!!  Anyway, but he always hangs out with me and even winks his crystal blue eyes. he's soooooooo CUTE!!!!  AND I CANT'T BELIEVE I AM IN EVERY CLASS WITH HIM TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   AND.... on my birthday he gave me millions of presants lituarly. How cute is that???  I mean obviously  that has to mean that there will some kind of relationship between us two at some point. I can't tell the future but i'm guessing that might happen sooner or later!!!


Right so I woke up this morning, nice and early, and guess who knocked on my door as I went down stairs.... LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But along side with my other three best friends Katie, Isabelle and Holly. They are such good friends, I've been friends with them since year two and now I am in year nine!
I was so close on crying when I opened the door and saw his glittering face I felt like I was blushing so much!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!
" So what are you waiting for? Do you want to come out and play or not come on?"asked Holly getting very excited. In fact, she was so excited she started to jump up and down and clapping her hand faster and faster!!!
" Yeah come on Lilly!" copied Katie.
"Yeah come on lets go!" copied  Louis, again.
"I think I heard Holly the first time, thank you very much!" I said as a sort of a joke but being serious too. I mean what is the point of saying that same thing three times when you have already heard it the first time... I know right,  It's pointless!!!
"sorry Willow!" replied Louis.
"That's alright Louis." I said calmly. You see that's why I've always liked him. he is always kind and polite!
"Sorry Willow," repeated Katie," Sorry Willow!"
"Katie!" I replied in a very very serious mood this time because it was starting to get a bit annoying this time. It wasn't that funny anymore!
"Right sorry," shouted Katie, which I think was meant to be a whisper but it didn't turn out like one anyway! LOL!!!
"HA! HA! HA! Very funny Katie !" I said being southcastic which she, I think, thought that it might be true what I was saying.
"Oh boy!!!" Looking fed up which I actually was . My feelings always matches with my thoughts , just so you Know!


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