The worst of it is gone

Its about a girl who's had a terrible past she feels like she may have found the one to save her from her misery but he doesn't notice her/ He seems as if everything is perfect but in reality he is broken down inside. will he find someone to save him from his misery?


1. Her start

 My name is Mona and i don't know if i can on living this way....

I am fifteen and no one seems to notice me at school or at home. I feel as if I'm just going through the motions, everywhere i turn its just people talking about who wears this who did this even at the elementary library where the girls are way more catty and rude then in the high school. I know I know what your thinking oh this is just another sob story i tell to get attention but i don't need it I'm telling the truth. I have a couple of friends and I've only been in love twice to music and to books. now i titled this "the worst is gone" right so i will stop talking and let you read my story where i think the worst is gone.



It was my first day at a brand new school i was starting out as a freshman and the day was starting out horribly. I couldn't get my locker open so i had to ask a boy next to me and before he answered he looked down at my boobs witch were covered  thankfully then he took a couple more minutes to decide if i was worth it apparently i was he asked for my combination i gave it to him he opened it i said thanks and he left. i put my bag in my locker and closed it, i than ran to my homeroom i sit down then i find out that we are supposed to go to our first period class  i look at my scheduled and crap its Gym so i run there and i make it phew the teacher said to go sit down on the bleachers. I look around and there are already groups formed popular girls, Jocks, and popular band people. great i thought to myself i sat down two rows above the popular girls after a while more people came and either sat by themselves or in one of the groups the rest of class is a blur. Next class is health  oh boy! i went to that classroom thinking id have more luck with people nope same exact people as in gym, i grabbed a seat up front and surprisingly some of the popular girls sat around me they struck up a conversation

"hey I'm Madeline whats your name?" said one girl who seamed to be the leader of the group

"I-I'm Mona" i stuttered cause im a bit socially awkward.

"cool, so are you new?" asked Madeline

of course you idiot i said in my head i really said "yeah"

"what school are you from?" she asked

"Nightly months, its a tiny private school in the city" i said

"so are you rich?" she asked 

me trying not to laugh cause couldn't she tell? i was wearing beat up converse, worn out jeans, an old superman t-shirt and a black jacket that has seen better days "no" i say

"oh" and with that she stopped talking to me at the end of the class we had ten minutes left before the bell rang so everyone was talking i looked around and saw a girl who wasn't talking to anyone and i needed to leave my table the popular girls were making me uneasy so i got up and went over to her

"hey" i said

"hey" she said not looking up

"whats your name?" i asked

"mikayla, whats yours" she asked 

"Mona" i answered a couple minutes went by and i was just standing there all awkward like so i said "to tell you the truth i needed to get away from the people at my table they are ignoring me and i'm bored so that's why i came over and started talking to you"

she looked up and smiled, i looked over at the clock and there where two minutes left so i said "see ya later i have to pack up" i packed up my stuff and then the bell rang i was then off to Art. I like art so i felt more confident going until i reached the classroom not only where there assigned seats my partner was a guy but thankfully he wasn't there that week i was called on to pass out papers i freaked inside i hate being called on during class or speaking in front of the class. while i was passing the papers out i saw one of the girls from the popular group of girls i smiled she scowled i also almost fell several times then class was over i went to my locker trying to get it open i failed *sigh* i saw the girl from my art class so i went up to her and asked her if she could show me where lunch is she said yes and then her friend came up and asked her to go upstairs to her locker with her the art girl forgot about me and left me i walked towards where others where going i tried one more time for help 

"um excuse me can you help find the lunch room?" i asked a girl

"yeah of course, are you new?" she asked

"yeah im a freshman" i said

"that's cool i'm a junior" she said she then showed me where it was i thanked her and went in it was crowded i found a lunch line and joined it i took an apple and a Gatorade because i was too nervous  to eat anything and because my ADHD medication makes me lose my appetite, i was at the check out counter the lady asked me for my student id number i didn't know it so she wrote it on a sticky note and gave it to me i typed it in and left to find a table i found an empty one and sat down i ate alone that lunch i went off to Spanish class which was upstairs i sat down in a desk then she told everyone that we have assigned seats and to pick out a Spanish name for class i chose one and sat down at the desk she assigned me there was a boy in front of me who was loud his Spanish name was Carlos a boy next to me who seemed to forget to bring paper and a pencil his Spanish name was PePe his really name was Gavin "i'm doomed if i'm going to be surrounded by stupid and loud people" i thought in my head i looked around at the people when my eyes landed on a boy he was really quite i liked that about him his Spanish name was Jesus  (pronounced hezuse) that class ended, sadly, I went to my last class and probably my most favorite class of the day English i walked in and saw a girl i knew i sat down near her her friend said 

"i like your bracelet"she said pointing to my bvb army bracelet 

"do you listen to them?" i asked

"of course, Andy Beirsack is so hot mm" she said the teacher came in and gave us our assigned seats i wasn't near her or the other girl i knew. that class ended so i went to my locker to get my bag i tried six times and it wouldnt open so i asked a teacher and he got it open for me i grabbed my messenger bag and put my stuff in it than ran outside to try and find my bus i asked a teacher he showed me i walked to it got one and sat in my seat'. One day down the rest of four years to go.

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