Falling Friendship

Alice Arbler and Santana Swent have been BFFs for nine years! When 6th grade comes they expect it to be the same: them being BFFs. But sudden changes in the summer tell them nothing is going to be the same. Alice and Santana must find pathways that don't connect. But each time they think they did, everything crashes and they have to start over again. Everyone they like seems to like everyone the other girl likes. Can they find a social life by the end of the school year? Or will they be doomed to spend the rest of the middle school life unsteady and on a rocky road?


23. Santana

I get home and slam my door. I was just about to apologize to Alice for being such a jerk, but then, she dumps me. So dump her back. Serves her right. I look around my room. I need to clean this place up. I turn on some oldie songs on my stereo, then examine what I have to work with. I toss pictures of Alice and me in the empty toy chest I have. I throw the stuffed bunny Alice gave me, too. In go necklaces and posters and camp crafts. I need to forget her for a while. I need to cool-a-fy my room. Where the crayon pictures once were, I tape up photo booth pics with Brittany and Georgia in them. In the place of the bunny, I put out my jewelry box. The camp crafts, once on the windowsill, are replaced with shells. I plop a designer necklace into the jewelry box. Now to empty my closet, after all, I am going shopping at the mall with Carly and Georgia and Brittany and Gabby. There, quarantine from Alice.

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