Falling Friendship

Alice Arbler and Santana Swent have been BFFs for nine years! When 6th grade comes they expect it to be the same: them being BFFs. But sudden changes in the summer tell them nothing is going to be the same. Alice and Santana must find pathways that don't connect. But each time they think they did, everything crashes and they have to start over again. Everyone they like seems to like everyone the other girl likes. Can they find a social life by the end of the school year? Or will they be doomed to spend the rest of the middle school life unsteady and on a rocky road?


10. Santana

Dear Ma and Da,

Camp is so boring! Alice isn't in my bunk! She's not talking to me! It's not fun anymore. Can you consider picking me up in two days? The Color War starts in two days and if I'm still here, with Alice, when we aren't on the same Color Team, it'll get messy! Thanks for always being there! -Santana

I read my letter to mom and dad one more time before I drop it into the mail bag. I notice that Alice has a letter in hand too. Except her's in an envalope and mine is a postcard. 

"Santana, I have to talk to you about this! I-" 

"Listen Alice, I know you're mad at me! Just take a hike! Will ya?" I snap. 

"Forget about it." Alice says and she walks off to the hiking guide. "The nerve! She thinks she can just walk up to me and start blaming it ALL on ME! I can't do anything about it!" I think as I go to the Art Studio. 

"OK class. Today we're going to make pottery. I collected some twigs, pine needles, grass, tree bark and other natural matierials to put on it. Please choose a partner." Gracie, the art counsler, annonced. I had chosen twelve options for morning, to do art. So did five other girls. Amy, Jewel and Amanda (from my bunk) had chosen to come to this class and so did Megan and Opal (from Alice's bunk). Jewel partnered up with Opal, they're twins. Amy and Amanda chose to be with each other. And Megan slowly walked over to me. 

"So you'll sit at a table with you partner. You'll each share a tray of clay, but you'll each make you're own piece. OK, let's get started." I sat down at the table by the window.

"So, you must be Santana, Alice's 'buddy'" Megan sneered. Ugh, by the end of art, I hated Megan. And... I sort of understood how Alice was feeling, stuck in a bunk with this BLOCKHEAD!




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