Falling Friendship

Alice Arbler and Santana Swent have been BFFs for nine years! When 6th grade comes they expect it to be the same: them being BFFs. But sudden changes in the summer tell them nothing is going to be the same. Alice and Santana must find pathways that don't connect. But each time they think they did, everything crashes and they have to start over again. Everyone they like seems to like everyone the other girl likes. Can they find a social life by the end of the school year? Or will they be doomed to spend the rest of the middle school life unsteady and on a rocky road?


2. Santana

I walk to Alice's house, it takes me two seconds. She's right next door. 

"Mrs.Arbler, it's me, Santana, is Alice home?" I ask loudly. Alice's mom walks to the door and opens it.

"Hello there Santana! Alice should be home any minute. Come I'll fetch a snack." Mrs.Arbler walks off into the empty house. When I say empty, I mean empty of people. Alice lives alone with her mom. She never had a dad. I follow her. She and I sit down and wait for Alice.

"So, how do you feel about going to the new campus?" Mrs.Arbler asks me.

"Fine, as long as Alice is with me. We're going to plan our schedules today." I reply. 

"Is that so? Well that is so sweet." the doorbell rings. 

"Ma, I'm home." calls the unmistakable voice of Alice. I let out an invisible breath, I like Mrs.Arbler, I really do, but it can be awkward talking to her alone, in her empty house, not knowing what to say. Mrs.Arbler hurries to let her in.

"Oh, hi Santana!" Alice says when she sees me. Her gold hair is falling out of a loose braid and you can tell she's tired by the look in her grey-blue eyes.  

"How was soccer practice?" I ask.

"It was OK, Coach Karren wants me to 'step it up' a bit. We have a game next Saturday. Come, let's go upstairs and plan our schedules." she suggests, shedding an embarrassed look at her mom. 

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