Falling Friendship

Alice Arbler and Santana Swent have been BFFs for nine years! When 6th grade comes they expect it to be the same: them being BFFs. But sudden changes in the summer tell them nothing is going to be the same. Alice and Santana must find pathways that don't connect. But each time they think they did, everything crashes and they have to start over again. Everyone they like seems to like everyone the other girl likes. Can they find a social life by the end of the school year? Or will they be doomed to spend the rest of the middle school life unsteady and on a rocky road?


20. Alice

   Bella looks at me. 

"Alicy, what's the matter?" We were sitting at a table in the lunch room, by our selves. I looked out the window all of the popular girls sat out there. I guess Santana's popular now. She abandoned me on the first day of school. The day I need her most. Everyone thinks I'm a invisible loser. Or Bella's imaginary friend. Or the ghost that haunts Santana. Everyone knows Santana's name but they call me Um, Her. They even have a nick-name for Santana that I find utterly gross: Tina. I would never call her that in a million years call her that!!!! 

 "Nothing. I just don't feel very well." I lie.

"Maybe you're sick. You should go to the nurse!" Bella suggests.

"Um... No, schools almost over anyway..." I say slyly. When I come home sick, my mom takes it super seriously. She once took me to the Emergency room because of a cold! She was in big trouble with a lot of people for wasting time. I don't want anything like that to happen.

I feel bad that I lied to Bella, but what I said was kind of true. Looking at Santana and her new perfect life made me sick to my stomach. 



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