Falling Friendship

Alice Arbler and Santana Swent have been BFFs for nine years! When 6th grade comes they expect it to be the same: them being BFFs. But sudden changes in the summer tell them nothing is going to be the same. Alice and Santana must find pathways that don't connect. But each time they think they did, everything crashes and they have to start over again. Everyone they like seems to like everyone the other girl likes. Can they find a social life by the end of the school year? Or will they be doomed to spend the rest of the middle school life unsteady and on a rocky road?


16. Alice

I just sit here, in the car. In my new tennis skort and tee-shirt that said 

Top Tennis Star on it. Mom honks the horn and Santana emerges from the house, looking like she was ready to go to a ball. She was wearing a sundress and a pair of white sandals. But what really catches my eye is the watch. I have been wanting that watch for forever, but mom says it's to expensive. It's the most girly, glittery, pretty watch in the world! I know I'm not the girly type but that watch is SOOOO pretty- and $50. Seriously. That's how much allowance I earn in a year! But even if I save up for it, mom says it's a waste of money!

"Hi Mrs.Arbler. Hey Al. Ready for fifth grade?" Santana asks in a perky tone. But what she really is excited for is to see Brittany. And I'm "looking forward" to see Bella.
"Well your perky this morning! I like your watch. I wish Alice were interested in such girly things. I can't convince her to let me get it though!" mom says. All the anger possible flowed into my head. "Not interested. NOT INTERESTED! Who keeps asking for that watch? Mr.Nobody? What am I? Chopped liver?" I screamed in my head. Santana plopped into the car next to me. Yet again, I. Hate. Santana!!!!!

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