We're All Mad Here


1. Prologue

My first interview today was with Louis I was quite nervous to interview him but at the same time excited. He was a very complex man I was hearing around. 
I grabbed my recorder, notepad and other supplies. I headed up to the interview floor and found my room. Louis was yet to arrive. 
I sat down at set everything up, suddenly the door buzzed open. In walked a very good looking blue eyes patient. He had a straight jacket on. 
"Can you take this off? It itches." He said in an annoyed tone to the security guard. 
"Ask your interviewer if she feels comfortable." The security guard said Louis turned his head and raised his brows at me. 
"Are you comfortable with that?" He asked challenging me, When I was about to say yes the sudden thought crossed my head he wasn't normal. He was dangerous. 
"Not today, tomorrow if this interview goes okay." I said he rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair with a sigh. 
"I'll be just outside that door." He said to me and Louis. I thought he was supposed to stay in here? I began to panic. Stay calm. He'll notice the fear, fear is a sign of weakness. He buzzed out and the door shut leaving us in silence. 
"So.. What are you here for?" I asked he kept his eyes down at the edge of the steel table between us. 
"Isn't it in that file?" He asked nudging his head to the closed file on the table under my folded hands.  
"Yes but the first step to recovery is coming to terms with what is wrong." I said he looked up his eyes locking with mine then he examined my face. 
"And where did they find you?" He asked 
"We're not here to talk about me.." I said 
"I'm here because everyone thinks I'm crazy." He said 
"Well.. Do you think you're crazy?" I asked
"Well... We're all mad here." He said 

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