We're All Mad Here


4. Chapter 3

The door buzzes open, in comes a younger looking boy with brown curly hair and a slim lanky figure. He was cuffed around the ankles and wrists.

"Good Morning Harry." I said

"Good morning." He said then his head twitched to the right. The guard nodded to me and buzzed back out.

"Why are you here?" I asked

"Cause the guards brought me here..?" He said

"No.. What's the reason why you are here.. In Westmin." I said

"I tried to kill my teacher." He said

"Why?" I asked he blinked a few times then twitched to the left.

"Because.." He trailed off looking at the ceiling

"I don't remember.." He said then laughed to himself

"Something funny?" I asked he shook his head about 15 times then laughed quietly again.

"Do you regret assaulting Mrs. Peterson?" I asked glancing down at the file to make sure I got the name right.

"Who's that?" Harry asked

"Your teacher.. The one you attempted to kill.." I said

"Oh.. Right.. How's she doing?" He asked

"Are you asking that because you feel remorse?" I asked

"No I'm asking because I want to know if she's scared for life." He said

"Oh.." I said

"So.. How is she?"

"I'm unaware of her current condition." I said

"Can I leave?" Harry asked

"Leave Westmin?" I asked

"No just this room I feel really uncomfortable. Can we end this?"

"I guess so." I said I tapped the button on the remote that buzzed to the security to come in and take Harry away.


The rest of the day was pretty straight forward, I could only interview Harry and Louis before lunch time.

I gathered up my files and grabbed my supplies. The door buzzed open and Susan came in.

"Hey Penny, wanna get some lunch?" She asked

"Uh sure." I said

We went up the elevator and stopped at my office. I left my files on my desk and we went down the elevator. We stopped at floor 3.

"I thought we were going to lunch?" I asked

"We are." She said giving me a wink. We walked down a hall and the shouting came into hearing range.

"Look at them.." She said leaning up against the glass window. I saw hundreds of patients, all wearing their grey and white jumpers. I saw one of my patients, Harry sitting at the table. And from what I can tell all my other patients were there too.

"Are all of my patients like a group of friends or something?" I asked Susan.

"Yeah they know each other.. Sorry should have mentioned that." She said

"It's alright.." I said I watched as the room calmed down then went quiet.

"Why is it so dull now?" I asked

"Look at the door." Susan said in came Louis, dark blue jumpsuit. He walked towards the food counter and grabbed an orange, a pudding cup and an apple juice.

"Weird mix." I said

"He usually just grabs that sits down and doesn't really eat." She said

"Do you watch him?" I asked

"Every day. I was his doctor once, they kicked me off the case for making it too personal." She said

"You like him?" I asked

"He's a complex man but-"

"No I mean do you LIKE him.. Like think he's good looking." I said she laughed quietly

"Don't you?" She asked I looked away from her turning back to the window, I watched Louis walk through the isles of tables and sat down right at the end. He picked at his food and all the sudden a bigger guy went up to him and sat, starting to look like he was arguing with Louis before Louis stood up flicked all the floor off his tray and smashed it upside the head of the bigger inmate.

"Fight, Fight, Fight!" Other inmates cheered the guy landed a blow on Louis' eye but Louis was angered more feeding the guy punch after punch.

"Oh my god." Susan said covering her mouth

A loud bell started to go off, shutters came down over the windows

"That was crazy." Susan says I nodded

"I think it's safe to say Louis won that." She laughed

"Um yeah." I said

"You alright?" She asked

"I.. I have to go home." I said and rushed out of the asylum finding myself breathing heavily. Thunder clapped in the distance and I jumped. I got in to my car peeling off.

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