We're All Mad Here


3. Chapter 2

Penny's POV

I walked into the building the next day quite excited to meet my patients today, I read over their files and I was pretty sure I knew them pretty well.

My first interview today was with Louis I was quite nervous to interview him but at the same time excited. He was a very complex man I was hearing around.

I grabbed my recorder, notepad and other supplies. I headed up to the interview floor and found my room. Louis was yet to arrive.

I sat down at set everything up, suddenly the door buzzed open. In walked a very good looking blue eyes patient. He had a straight jacket on.

"Can you take this off? It itches." He said in an annoyed tone to the security guard.

"Ask your interviewer if she feels comfortable." The security guard said Louis turned his head and raised his brows at me.

"Are you comfortable with that?" He asked challenging me, When I was about to say yes the sudden thought crossed my head he wasn't normal. He was dangerous.

"Not today, tomorrow if this interview goes okay." I said he rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair with a sigh.

"I'll be just outside that door." He said to me and Louis. I thought he was supposed to stay in here? I began to panic. Stay calm. He'll notice the fear, fear is a sign of weakness. He buzzed out and the door shut leaving us in silence.

"So.. What are you here for?" I asked he kept his eyes down at the edge of the steel table between us.

"Isn't it in that file?" He asked nudging his head to the closed file on the table under my folded hands.

"Yes but the first step to recovery is coming to terms with what is wrong." I said he looked up his eyes locking with mine then he examined my face.

"And where did they find you?" He asked

"We're not here to talk about me.." I said

"I'm here because everyone thinks I'm crazy." He said

"Well.. Do you think you're crazy?" I asked

"Well... We're all mad here." He said

I stared at him for a while, he seemed so normal just like the average guy you'd see at the library or coffee shop.

"Why would you attempt to kill your own father?" I asked

"Who says I attempted? In my mind I succeeded." He said

"The file says you attempted which means you weren't successful." I said he sat up.

"Check again." He said his eyes flicking down to the file then back to mine. I hesitated but did as he said, I flicked through the pages finding the one explaining what he did to get in here.

"See? It says attempted." I said pointing he leaned over then looked at me.

"All my other doctors and psychologists have done the same thing, you're all too busy to look at the back of the page." He said I flipped over the page and saw it, I couldn't believe I missed it by there it was, "later succeeded in the murder of his birth father Troy Austin along with his mother Johanna Darling and also murdered his 4 sisters in the process leaving his death count to 6 people." I swallowed hard.

"Why kill your family?" I asked

"Why not?" He asked I closed the file

"You see, this is usually the part where my doctor leaves and never returns." He said

"Well, I'm not a runner." I said he smirked

"I can see that." He said I cleared my throat.

"So, what did your father do that angered you?" I asked

"The better way to phrase that question is what DIDN'T he do to piss me off." Louis says shifting in his seat my hand shot down to the panic button under the table, he caught the movement and chuffed

"Are you afraid of me?" He asked

"It's hard not to be when you've killed 6 people." I said

"So you were completely okay with sitting in a room with an attempted murderers than an actual one?" He said

"Attempted murderers didn't fulfill their task, which means they could have either changed their minds or were stopped before they slipped all the way into madness." I said

"So you're implying I slipped into madness... Making me mad?" He asked

"Didn't you admit to being mad?" I asked

"I don't recall." He said with a devious smirk.

"Are you mad?" I asked

"As a hatter." He said with a proud big smirk on his face.

I was way out of my league with this patient, I wanted to get up and leave and tell them to find another doctor but that would he letting him win. I would not let him win. I was going to cure this man.

"Do you regret what you did?" I asked he looked up at the ceiling like he was thinking about it then looked back at me.


"So you'd do it again?"

"Then again after that."

"Did you love your family?"


"What changed that?"


"You blame reality?"

"Doesn't everyone? It's a prison." He said I sighed

"You can't blame reality for your mistakes." I said his eyes darkened

"I'll blame who or whatever I want." He growled I nodded slowly.

"Let's move on."

"Lets." He agrees

"Did you have anyone you cared about before coming here?" I asked

"My best mate Stan. He was an alright lad." He said

"Do you still talk?" I asked

"He used to visit now he doesn't." He said I felt bad for him, his best friend doesn't even visit him..

"And how does that make you feel?" I asked

"Betrayed." He said I scribbled down the word on my notepad.

"Alone.. Hated." He said I scribbled those down too.

"Do you have any friends doc?" He asked

"A few." I said

"Family? Husband?"

"Husband? Oh no, I'm only 21 just graduated. Plus I have no time for boys." I said he nodded looking satisfied

"What about family? Got yourself a Mommy a Daddy?" He said I nodded

"I've got a few siblings too but this isn't about me.." I said he nodded

"Do you ever get lonely?" He asked

"It's not about me.." I tried to move on again but to no avail

"Cause I do. Try being alone everyday staring at 4 walls for days and days then it becomes weeks then months.. Eventually it becomes years and you began to lose your mind." He said

"So you're saying this place made you crazy? You went crazy before you came in here?" I asked

"The 4 walls can make anyone crazy." He said I nodded

"I'd invite you to spend a night in my cell to see what I'm talking about but I don't think I'd be able to control myself.." He said

"You'd kill me?" I asked

"No.. I wouldn't.." I got what he meant

"Well, that's highly inappropriate." I said he shrugged

I looked at the clock on the wall,

"That's all we have time for today." I said just in time as the door buzzed open the security guard ushered him out. I had to stay in here and wait for them to bring my next patient in. This should be interesting..

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