We're All Mad Here


2. Chapter 1

Penny's POV

I walked through the doors, my new job at Westmin Hill Psychiatric Institution. Otherwise called an Asylum.. I walked up to the front desk. I was greeted by a pretty blonde girl with glasses. She smiled

"Hi I'm Penny Tyler. Today is my first day." I said

"Oh, I heard about you. Hold on let me get your stuff." She said I nodded. I waited at the desk this place seemed nice, it was well lit and the floors were well cleaned. Not your stereotypical Psych Institute. The woman returned with my stuff. It was in a white box. She handed me a lanyard with a card on it.

"Picture day is tomorrow. Your office is on the 5th floor. Have a nice day." She said I nodded I walked away taking my stuff and scanned my card at the door. A beep went off and the door slid open. I walked in and went straight for the elevator using my card again I noticed the security guards all over as I waited for the elevator.


I had just sat down in my new office when there was a knock on the door, a woman no more than 4 years older than me came in.

"Hello, you're Penny Tyler right?" I nodded

"Would you like to meet some of your patients?" She asked I slowly nodded

"Oh.. Ok." I said she lead me down the hall, and down the elevator.

"You'll start off with 5 patients. You're fine with male patients it says on your portfolio is that fact or myth?"

"Fact." I said she nodded

"Good because all your patients are male." She said I nodded she handed me 4 grey files and then 1 red thick one.

"My name is Susan by the way.." She said I nodded and kept following her. She talked to a few guards and it was lunch hour so my meet and greet would have to wait for the Patient Interviews. I didn't expect to be able to meet them today anyways.

"There is one floor we can check." She said pressing a button as we entered the elevator.

I stayed quiet figures it'll be better if I just kept my mouth shut and did what she said.

We went up a few floors and stepped off suddenly the beautiful sound of a classic piano filled my ears. I gave her a confused look

"It's Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven." She said

"Yeah, it's one of my favorites..They're aloud to have instruments?" I asked

"For some cases it keeps them calm." She said

"This is one of my patients?" I asked she nodded

"He's the red file, His name is Louis Tomlinson, 22 from Doncaster." She said

"What's wrong with him?" I asked as we arrived at a window, I looked in and noticed the empty room besides a beautiful grand piano and a boy matching in beauty sitting on the stool his fingers gliding across the keys.

"Just about everything in the book.." Susan said following my gaze.

"He's pretty to look at but the slightest thing can make him snap." She said

"Then why am I assigned to him?" I asked

"You're in his age group, you'll make him feel more comfortable." She spoke honestly

"And from what we know, you're the best graduate in years." She said

"I'm not sure I feel safe being near him." I said

"He won't hurt you, even if he tried you'll have guards in the room." She said

"Oh, that makes me feel better." I said with a sigh if relief.

"So, what illness is he categorized under?" I asked she shrugged

"How do you not know?" I asked

"We just don't, you'll see once you meet him." She said I nodded

"But is he schizo.. Bipolar.. What is his main illness?" I asked

"When I said a mix of everything I meant it.. I don't know how to say it gently but he's a psycho." She said

"Aren't we all?" I found myself defending him.

"Not like him.. I'll see you tomorrow, good luck with the interviews." She said and walked down the hall. I watched the angelic boy play the song. I loved Beethoven. Everything played by him was simply beautiful. Louis was doing an amazing job playing the keys.

Suddenly he slammed his hands down on the piano keys making a deep loud sound that made me jump.

"I would like to return to my cell now." He said cautiously 4 guards came in approaching Louis. He wore a dark blue shade of attire. He must feel so left out.. Every other patient I saw was wearing either grey or white. They slipped a straight jacket on him I couldn't help but feel sympathy for him.

As they walked him out of the room I quickly found my way to the staff elevator and went back to my office.

I had a lot of studying to do if I wanted to be on top of my game. I studied each of my patients.

Let's see, there was Harry Styles Twitchy crazy mumbler who attempted to kill his teacher by strangling her admitted at the age of 17 and is currently 20. After him was Niall Horan a Paranoid Schizophrenic admitted by his father due to multiple attempts of suicide. Admitted at the age of 18 and is now 20. Next was Liam Payne attempted Murder and extreme actions in court, his lawyer pleaded Insanity. Admitted at the age of 19 and is now 20. Next on the list is Zayn Malik an impulsive bipolar case of mixed identities. He was left in the lobby when he was 17 and is now 21. The next file was the big thick red one that belonged to Louis Tomlinson. The file never said what was exactly wrong with him just different things and possibilities. But by the time I reached the end of the file it said in big bold letters, "Deemed Uncurable." Uncurable? He's only 22.. Does saying he's Uncurable means he's going to be stuck in where for the rest of his life? Is that why he plays such sad music? Does he know? My heart sank it also says he's been in here since he was 17 for trying to kill his father, Troy Austin. I gulped and shut the file, pinching the ridge of my nose I decided to call it a night. I packed up and shut the lights to my office off as I left for the night.

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