Knowledge- A Divergent one shot

A short one shot about my OC choosing which faction to join.


1. Knowledge

A/N- This is a quick one shot to try and get premiere tickets for Divergent. Its simply about a Divergent girl trying to chose which direction to take her life in.

Disclaimer- The whole idea of Divergence was obviously created by Veronica Roth


"Rosalie... You're test result was inconclusive... you're... Divergent."

The word bounces around my skull, lights blinding the inside of my eyes. Beads of sweat slide down my neck and my breaths are quick, almost dog-like pants.

I told my first lie returning from the Aptitude test. Being from Candor, I assumed they'd be able to tell I was lying from the twitching eyes and the revealing blush on my cheeks.

"How was it?" My mother asked, looking expectantly at me, my father putting down his newspaper to peer at me.

"Fine." I said simply. However, I was anything but fine. I'm still not fine, as all the factions have gathered at the choosing ceremony and I step up to the large bowls, a knife ready to slice my palm.

Divergent. What does it mean? What does any of this mean?

The Dauntless woman- Tori- she tried to explain it to me as best as possible. 

"You're... different. You're mind is different. While most people's are suited for just one faction, yours covers two... Erudite and Dauntless."


Candor. I was always meant to be Candor. My brother and sister chose Candor. They come over every Sunday and have dinner, their partners and children joining them. My fate was meant to be the same. Get a job as a councillor, marry the boy who lives in the house next door, have three children. But I can't now. My own mind is restraining me from my predicted fate.

"Your questioning everything shows a knowledge to learn, that you want to discover new things. You're willing to help and save others, even when you don't receive the desired information. We can rule out Amity due to picking the knife and Abnegation because you attacked the dog opposed to throwing yourself over the girl. And almost everyone from your current faction picks to tell the truth to the man. Instead, you asked him more about his situation, which, honestly, I've never seen before. You're incredibly unique, Rosalie. Never the less, you're believed to be dangerous. You must never tell anyone about this... this Divergence. Ever. For your own safety."

And now, I must make my choice. Erudite. Dauntless. I thirst for knowledge. I always have. I want to learn and grow as a person. 

I want to be strong too. I want to be able to help others, to help myself.

I just want to know what to do.

The sharp blade glides against my skin, and the palm of my hand glistens with trickles of red blood, and I wince slightly. I look up and then duck my head in guilt. The candor sit right in front of me. My family are staring at me eagerly, my sister even has tears of pride in their eyes. 
Biting my lip, I look over my shoulder at the bowl full of glass to symbolise Candor. It also symbolises my family. Am I willing to leave them all behind?

What am I willing to do for myself?

Before I know what I've done, my blood is dripping on to fiery coals, the red liquid sizzling quietly. A roaring sob is let out through the room, and my mother shrieks. I scuttle off the stage, standing with my new faction. 

Yes, I thirst for knowledge, but knowledge can be found anywhere. What I need is to become an individual. Seeing my family made me realise that my life had been planned for me by someone else. I don't want that. I want to blossom into the independant person I know I can be. I need to be myself. 

Being Divergent, this is just my opportunity to do so.

From the shock- and maybe even outrage- that I've caused, no one comes to say goodbye. Not my family, my friends. Maybe it's better this way. Instead, this sea of black that I'm engulfed in starts shrieking and hollering, and are leaving the room, feet pounding on the ground. I shout in surprise and perhaps excitement. I haven't ran for a while. My sides scream in pain and my face is sweaty, and my cheeks ache from the large smile on them.

"You look like your having fun?" Laughs a boy next to me.

Dressed in black, obviously a Dauntless-born initiate, I feel my breath catch. He's gorgeous.

"This is... amazing." I laugh, my hair falling free of its sever ponytail, and it flows down my back like a waterfall. 

"Isn't it just? Here, the trains will be just around the corner. I'll show you what to do." I nod. 5 minutes in and I'm already gaining knowledge. My 'teacher' takes my hand, guiding me along. Maybe it's the elation of being free or the feeling of the warm sun beaming on my face, or the mere fact an attractive boy is smiling at me, but I've never been happier.

I don't know what Divergent is. And at the moment, I don't care. This piece of knowledge doesn't matter right now. All that matters is the feeling that I'm finally blossoming. I am strong. I am happy.

I am Divergent.


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