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4. You should know this....

How many R's are there in Terrance?

answer- 6

How many band members are there?

answer- 5

Which member is from Ireland?

answer- Niall Horan

Which band member has curly hair?

answer- Harry Styles

Who loves cats ? what's his name for them?

answer- Harry and Pussies

the band member who loves mirrors

answer- zayn Malik

The band member who is the most vain?

answer- Zayn (Zain)

Who use to wear plaid?

answer- Liam Payne

Who use to wear braces?

answer- Niall Horan

The most known bromance ?

answer- Larry Stylinson

Are the Boys gay?

answer to us yes, to the world no

Where is Harry Styles from?

 answer- Cheshire

Where is Liam Payne from?

answer- Wolverhampton

Their first single?

 answer- What makes You beautiful

What is Zerrie?

answer- Perrie Edwards and Zay Malik's Ship name

Who is Paul Higgins?

 answer- Bodyguard

who dyes their hair?

 answer- Nialler

Elounor is what/

answer- Eleanor and Louis' Ship name

Who likes toy Story?

 answer- Liam Payne





Forever and Always

    - Jess



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