His Embrace

Lila can't understand why Abel Gray has picked her.
Lila is innocent and pure, and Abel is...unknown.
But Abel has his eyes on her, and they're not coming off any time soon.
And the moment Lila gives into Abel is the moment that she'll discover the dark secrets that he's withheld for centuries, secrets that, once known, can't be escaped.


2. Silence


Book One:

Spring Equinox



Lila had confirmed it: Faye Evans was a total bitch. She stared at her full figure bustling down the hallway towards her locker, patting Lila’s new ex-boyfriend on the shoulder with a sympathetic glance his way, just batting a little bit too much eyelash. Lila glared at her back and turned around to face her best friend Candice, who had been waiting to regain Lila’s attention like a puppy. Lila spun the dial to her locker.

“Well, my mom bought me this dress with too much chiffon for the Spring Formal and I told her to take it back and she refused and now I have to wear it or not go at all. Isn’t that dumb?” Lila blinked a couple of times and focused on Candice’s face, which eagerly awaited her agreement.

“What were we talking about?” She asked.

“The Spring Formal...” Candice gave her puppy dog eyes that informed her her feelings had been hurt. “You asked me if I got a dress.” Lila shook her head back and forth, trying to shake out her confusion.

“Sorry,” she murmured, turning her eyes back to her locker and searching for her green English binder.

“Are you running for Spring Queen?” 

Lila gave her a shaky laugh. “I don’t think I’d have the guts to...Besides, I don’t think anyone would vote for me anyways. It’d just be embarrassing.” Candice looked at her as if she were speaking in another language.

“Lila, are you crazy? You’re the most popular girl in school. Everyone has been talking about voting you in.”

“I’m sure they’re just doing it to be nice,” Lila said with discontent in her eyes. The bell rang, and she hurriedly grabbed the binder and pencil she had been lethargically searching for before. “I have to go! See you!”

Lila hurried down the hallway, terrified she was going to be written up for the first time in her life. As she quickly walked down the hallway, she caught the eye of someone she’d never seen before. Someone new.

He stared at her with a smile as if he had knew something she didn’t. It sent her stomach down to her feet, and she walked quicker down the long corridor to her first period English class. She felt his eyes follow her, and her heart hammered against her chest. What could he want?

She gripped her binder against her chest as if to protect herself and allowed herself one quick glance back.

He was gone.

“Get more sleep Lila,” she chided. “You’re seeing things.” She rushed into the door of her class.


If Abel had ever struck gold before in his life, it was nothing compared to this girl. She was innocent and pure, without a true hint of evil in her soul. She could easily be corrupted any way he wanted her to be. And it was obvious that she was scared of him. Very scared of him. She saw through what the other girls saw, a handsome, charming young man with a dark past, for what he really was: sinister. Her eyes were trained to find the cracks in the sidewalks. This was a useful skill.

Abel set his targets. He didn’t know this girl’s name, this girl’s soul.

He didn’t know this girl at all.

But what able did know is that he wanted what this girl had to offer.

And he’d be damned if he’d let anything stop him, no pun intended.


Abel saw the girl’s uneasy look as she talked to her overly excited friend. It was clear that she noticed him from the corner of her eye, but he didn’t really mind. Let her stare. The more she noticed him, the better chance he had at things speeding along much quicker.

Her friend departed with a wave, leaving Lila and Abel practically all alone in the hallway, add a few stragglers and skippers. Her body was half turned to him, half turned to her classroom. She bit her lip in procrastination, trying to decide whether or not she should say something. She looked at him, and Abel became hopeful.

Ten seconds before the final bell rang, she rushed to the classroom down the hallway and closed the door as the loud ringing sang out as it always did.

Abel sighed, but found himself smiling. Abel liked challenges. It was one of the reasons he had his eyes on the girl in the first place. He turned on his heel and was just about to go home when he heard quick footsteps behind him.

He turned.

It was the girl’s friend, the one with the tan, native skin and long black hair that hung well past her hips. The one who talked too much. If she noticed Abel, she tried not to show it. This irritated him to no end. Every girl noticed him. This did not exclude the girl. He made an effort to squeak his boots as he walked on the tiles, definitely loud enough for her to hear.

And yet she still ignored him. He hissed under his breath and decided to follow her. Abel had a plan, not his best plan, he admitted to himself, but a plan that could get him closer to the girl he targeted without her finding out. A way he could at least find out her name. And a way to get back at this talkative bitch for ignoring him as if she were royalty.

She was rushing. She either had some type or emergency, or she was in some serious trouble, because her eyes searched around frantically, falling everywhere except on Abel himself, further irritating him, making him sure that once the plan was completed, he would not regret what he had done. Her feet were practically bounding down the hallway, taking two tiles behind her at a speed meant for a getaway car in the form of a human being.

Abel found out what the problem was when the girl made an abrupt stop at the ladies room and ran inside, closing the stall with a thud and groaning. He was laughing so hard that his hands were on his knees, but the girl was too preoccupied to notice his rambunctious chortling. 

Once his hysteria blew over, he waited outside for her by the water fountain like a kind gentlemen would, hands behind his back, posture ramrod straight. Skills he had acquired from the past. Skills he did not have use for anymore. He decided to humor himself anyways. When she came out looking sickly and confused, he presented himself to her like any kind gentlemen would. “I hope for a speedy recovery from your stomach illness,” he said smugly, chuckling a bit under his breath.

“Were you following me?” She gasped, anger flooding in her eyes. How dare he follow her around like some stalker? How dare he laugh at her? “Do you know who I am you little freak?” He smiled once more, and as angry she was, she noticed that it was a very charming smile. He was breathtaking.

“I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting,” Abel said, offering her an outstretched hand that she refused quickly with a glare.

He surprised her by grabbing her wrist with brute force as she turned away, and she struggled to break free. “Hey, let go!” She cried, trying to yank her hand from his iron grasp. He snickered.

“Believe me, the less you struggle, the sooner this will be over,” he said, his eyes turning over into their very whites without a hint of struggle or twitch. With a burning intensity, they started to glow a bright red orange. Candice tried to scream, but she found that she could not.

And soon, Candice’s mind was not her own. It had been taken away from her by force and served to Abel like the main course of a very long meal, extravagantly, expectantly, even selfishly and longingly.

It was over quickly, as promised, but the force of it left her so weakened that she could do nothing but pass out and pretend this was all a dream, save her reputation.

“Lila...” Abel murmured to himself as he walked away, ditching the manner he had held before for his usual deviant twenty-first century self, posture crooked, head low. “Lila Nevins...” He seemed lost in the name itself.


Candice wanted to tell Lila about what had happened, but she also didn’t want Lila to think she was insane.

Her reputation hung in the balance, and she felt uneasy every time her lips parted, but she always ended up saying something useless anyways, which comforted her. Sometimes it payed it be gutless. And what if it really had been a dream? After all, Candice had been out sick for the past few days, practically delusional with flu. She had done nothing but sleep and be miserable. Perhaps she had had a bad dream.

In fact, she was sure she had never seen the boy before in her life. He didn’t even go to this school as far as she was concerned. She knew everyone.

So she’d created him, then. It was a dream. She quietly laughed to herself, secretly relieved. Lila turned to her.

“What’s funny?” Candice struggled for a decent excuse for her sudden relief.

“Just a personal joke. Something silly that happened today.” Candice waved the subject off.

“What happened?”

“Um it was...” She scratched her head. “Just my brother being stupid.”

“Oh.” Lila tucked her binders under her arm. “You’re acting weird. You sure you’re okay? Maybe you needed another day home.”

“No, I’m completely fine. I just still feel a little tired...”

“Tired?” Lila guffawed. “You’ve done nothing but sleep for the past three days.” Candice gave a shaky laugh.

“Well, I kept having nightmares. Nightmares make me more tired.”

“Well take a nap when you get home,” Lila suggested. “Maybe you’ll start to feel better.” Candice laughed.

“I hope so. See you later!” Lila glanced back at Candice as she departed to her last period of the day, questioning Candice’s sanity. Candice never acted like this.

Suddenly, a figure appeared in Lila’s path.

Lila groaned internally and tried to force a smile, but she knew exactly what was going to happen. Faye was standing in her path, and she was going to brag about something. “I’d just like to point out--” she started, but Lila sidestepped her and gave a sorry smile.

“Maybe some other time. I have to get to class.” Faye glared at Lila’s back as she held the door open for some unpopular freak with too many colors in her hair. “I’m gonna get that fake bitch someday,” she murmured to herself angrily as she eyed down Lila’s ex-boyfriend Gage. “And I know exactly how I’m going to do it.”


As Lila was leaving the student parking lot, she noticed the guy that had been following her around for a couple of days now. She could tell he knew that she didn’t like him, but it seemed to make him even more drawn to her. At any rate, she wished he’d knock it off.

He hadn’t really said anything to her, but he didn’t have to. His eyes said something that his words couldn’t project: He was evil, and he wanted her to be apart of it.

Well he could get that out of his head, because Lila refused to get involved with something so sinister. She didn’t exactly know what he had in mind, but she knew it couldn’t be good, and that was enough for her.

Lila jumped into her car and tried to turn to engine to no avail. Everyone else seemed to have already left except for a few students who were socializing among small groups of people who soon seemed to be departing. She groaned and laid her head against the steering wheel, praying that the engine would start.

This was the first time she’d ever had problems with her Audi Q7, and she silently cursed herself for believing she would never run into any issues. She’d been too careless with things like gas and oil that she rarely ever considered when she was and wasn’t filling up or doing changes.

She watched the boy cross the front of the vehicle, slowing when he realized that she was having problems. He seemed to hesitate and gauge her reaction, wondering if she was desperate enough for his help.

Lila groaned and waved him over, popping open the car door but refusing to get out, wanting to keep as much distance between them as possible.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with it,” she said, staring worriedly at the hood of the Audi. “Do you know anything about cars?”

“I could check it out,” he said, heading towards the front of the car. As he opened the hood and hooked it up, Lila was glad to have a divide between them, one so physical that she couldn’t see him, or him her.

She leaned her head back against the seat and hummed a pop song under her breath, waiting for this moment to be over with.

She wanted to confront him. To ask why he had been following her around school, but she didn’t have the guts. The hood suddenly went back down and his stare bore into her’s until he moved to her side of the car.

“It just needs an oil change. You might want to watch it. Stuff like that could lead to having to buy a whole new engine. I could go down to the convenient store and grab some for you. It’s not a far walk.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll just call my dad,” Lila said politely. “We’ll buy some oil on the way home and I’ll fix it in the morning when I get here.”

“You sure you don’t need a ride?” Lila started to open the door wider, and he moved out of the way so she could exit the car. She grabbed her purse.

“I’m positive.” His mood was starting to brink on pushy.

“Come on, save your dad the trouble.”

“Really, I’ll be fine. Thanks for looking at the car.”

“It wouldn’t be any trouble on my end, if that’s what you’re worried about. I know you’re the type that’s always concerned about other people,” he said with innocent eyes, but his lips hinted at a smirk. He was acting.

“You don’t know anything about me,” she said angrily. Suddenly, she noticed they were the only one’s left in the parking lot. Her heart hammered against her chest frantically. “I-I want you to leave me alone.” She found it hard to muster up the courage to say words so harsh, but enough was enough. “Stop following me.” He surprised her by laughing and backing away, hands held up. He was no longer playing innocent. His features looked practically diabolical the way he distorted them into a knowing simper, his eyes turning amused and dark. Lila couldn’t help but think he was ruining his handsome face keeping it in that manner.

“Oh, it’s really not that easy Lila,” he said, teeth baring a bit, still backing away. “You may think this is over, but it’s only just begun.”

Lila couldn’t help it. She ran.


Abel had come close to a girl like this before, but only once. Like Lila, she had resisted him at first, but it only took him so long to tear down her carefully built walls. But at the last minute, she turned out to be everything Abel hadn’t wanted, and he killed her before she could cause any real harm.

Abel couldn’t remember her name. After all, he had met her sometime back in the nineteenth century, and that seemed like forever ago to him. After watching the world through all of it’s many phases, even yesterday seemed too much for him to remember.

Abel couldn’t remember any of their names if he was going to be blatantly honest. The others Abel had used to gain whatever he wanted at the time. Riches, connections, even a sense of love or friendship to keep him from being lonely. But none of them deserved what Abel had to offer. Their evil had already been corrupted and put beyond his control. He could not manipulate them like he wanted. So he just simply did away with them when he was finished with them, creating a nameless pile of dead women who meant nothing more than convenience to Abel, though he was sure they’d believed otherwise before he’d murdered them.

He had always been a good actor. Had always been able to say words smoothly, almost like he meant them.

He’d never meant them.

He wasn’t sure if he ever would, not even to sweet Lila Nevins. Love was something Abel couldn’t understand, something he couldn’t control.

But he was sure that if he ever did love anyone, it would have to be Lila Nevins, for no one else’s name could ring through his ears and make his soul burn with desire like hers. Not even his half sister Mindy’s, who in many cultures had been named the Goddess of Seduction and Temptation.

Abel and his family were not gods. In fact, they were quite the opposite.

In every story, they were the demons.


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