His Embrace

Lila can't understand why Abel Gray has picked her.
Lila is innocent and pure, and Abel is...unknown.
But Abel has his eyes on her, and they're not coming off any time soon.
And the moment Lila gives into Abel is the moment that she'll discover the dark secrets that he's withheld for centuries, secrets that, once known, can't be escaped.


1. Prologue

There was something about Lila Nevins that attracted Abel. She wasn’t like the other girls he had been with. The other girls had been drawn to him first, the mysterious glint in his eye or the way he hid the tattoo on his back that could sometimes be glimpsed if he shifted his shoulder the right way. Lila Nevins practically despised him, avoided him like a plague that could be caught with even a single stare.

And Abel loved a good challenge.

If Lila thought there was any chance at escaping him, she was wrong. Because once Abel set his target, there was no going back. Abel always got what he wanted.

So Lila could try to run, try to hide, try to ignore Abel like he never existed at all, but soon he would find her, and she would fall into his trap.

They always fell into his trap.

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