A look into my mind


2. Gays

Because I'm from the south a lot of people think I'm homophobic; but I'm actually not. I am so active in the LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual transsexual) community. Some of my best friends are gay and they are the best friends I could ever ask for. Gay people make the best of friends in my opinion.

I grew up going to a private school in Texas, so you'd think I'd be against same sex marriage; but I literally am so happy that a lot of countries are legalizing gay marriage. They are people just like us with feelings. They have a heart that can be hurt just like ours.

I adore people who are openly gay because not a lot of people can accept their ways and think that being gay is a choice. It's really not, it's just the way their brain is wired. They are also so strong for putting up with all of this crap.

People are just narrow minded and what pisses me off the most is that people still think calling someone gay is an insult. It's someone's way of life, what they feel.

Maybe they grew up with gay parents; so denying same sex marriage is pretty much telling them that they are wrong for feeling like that.

One of my best friends is Mormon and she even thinks that you can't tell people who they can and can't love or say you have to marry this gender and not this one. As long as they seek The Lord, they are equal to us straight people.

I am straight, I like guys; but I feel very strongly about legalizing same sex marriage because you cannot deny people the way they were wired. You can't force someone to feel a certain way; so no matter what that person will always be gay. No matter how much you mess with their mind.

So many of us are afraid of change, but you know what f*ck it! (Excuse my language, but cursing is sometimes the only way to get the point across). Change is going to happen, it's a part of life.

So you narrow minded idiots that think being is a choice, get f*cking used to this new way of some peoples lives. Learn to accept it and respect it because they haven't done jack sh*t to you. It doesn't affect you in any way. We are all equal.

Ask me questions and tell me your opinions! I would love to hear them. Just remember: no hate and no narrow minded idiots. If someone does hate, don't bother with them; I will delete their comment(s) and that will be that. Have a fantastic day!

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