Smooth Ransom


1. Prologue

The piercing, excessively exaggerated screams shifted from one ear to another.  Twin blades escaping the body, pleasant screams seise. Dark shadows appear from the night. 


“Yes, we appreciate your involvement.” 

“Wheres my cash?” 

“Once you return, you will be rewarded.” 

“I’m never going back. We have been through this, besides you never mentioned I had to return to the clan to get my share.”  

“I see...I believe we’re done here.”

“Give me my money, then we’re done.”

“You see, Ivy, their is one little problem.” Unforgiving her stance, Ivy’s defenses drop.

“Which is?”

“The clan is a must, come back or no share in the billions.” Temptation rising, Ivy lunges at him.

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