Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


14. Why


"You're not a devil... You're a lost angel."


A loud thud coming from somewhere woke  me up and I immediately sprung up to see that I was still at Jason and Justin’s apartment. Sighing at the thought of my dad freaking out, I glanced at the clock that read 3:02 am. I groaned and tugged at the ends of my hair, plopping myself back down. Then I remembered something… not about my dad— but about Justin. Where was he?


Instantly jolting up, I scanned the whole room, not being able to find him. I heaved out a sigh and glanced at Jason, sleeping rather uncomfortably on the couch. I slowly approached him and tapped his shoulder.


“Jase,” I whispered.


“Mm, what?” he complained.


I giggled, “You can go to bed now.”


He idly sat up and gazed up at me with his left eye still shut and right barely open. It was cute, really.


“Where’s Justin?” he asked, looking around the room.


“I’ll go find him, go rest,” I smiled and he nodded, idly standing up and exiting the room. I once again sighed and bit my thumb, my other hand on my hip as I thought of a possible place where Justin might have been. And as if to answer my question, noises where heard in the direction of the bathroom and a slight scream, making my heart race and I immediately made a run to the bathroom.


“Agh, sh-t,” I heard Justin’s voice grunt loudly.


“Justin?” I anxiously called, tapping on the door. “Are you okay in there?”


“Yes, uh.. I—I am,” he stuttered as more movements were made from the inside. I sighed.


“Justin, open the door. Please..” I said, putting emphasis on the last word. I heard a sigh.


“I… I’m still doing my thing. I’m fine, I-I’ll be out..” LIE


“Justin,” I warned, crossing my arms eventhough he couldn’t see me.


“Ugh, fine,” he grumbled before the door flung open, revealing his beautiful self in the same basketball shorts, hoodie and beanie, his hand rubbing the back of his head. I looked over his shoulder, seeing there was something wrong with the bathroom. Shampoo, soap and conditioner bottles were on the floor. Together with the shower curtain and the pipeline.


“What happened?” I asked, my eyes widening. Justin hissed and I immediately brought my attention back to him, who was still rubbing the back of his head.


“Did you fall?” I asked in concern, placing my hand on his arm.


“Noooo,” he dragged out the word, looking down as his cheeks turned crimson. Let us take a moment and cry for the Justin Bieber BLUSHED… Come on, that’s like once in years.


I giggled at his cuteness, rolling my orbs. “Sure you didn’t. Sit on the bed and let me see that.” I said, pointing at his head. He groaned but followed anyway,  sitting himself at the side of his bed where I already was.


“Take off the beanie,” I instructed and he grumpily pulled it off his head, his hair going all tousled and looking all hot and sexy as his eyebrows knitted together in annoyance. I swallowed a lump in my throat and tore my gaze from his face, kneeling on the mattress to check his head. I was pretty short, okay?


“Where does it hurt?” I asked.


“Everything hurts,” he grumbled and I sighed, bringing my hand up to the back of his head, slowly rubbing his scalp to feel the lump forming—though he didn’t budge. He wasn’t really the one to show any sign if it hurt or not. But I knew it hurt alright.


“That’s some huge lump,” I giggled, taking my hand away from his head and sitting beside him, watching as he let out a chunk of air and put his beanie back the cover his head and sniffed.


“You’re telling me,” he mumbled, burying his hands on the pockets of his hoodie.


“Are you still cold?” I asked.


“A little,” he shrugged, not making any eye contact. I merely nodded and fiddled with my fingers. I wanted to make him warm though.


“Uh, why did the bathroom looked like a hurricane brought it down?” I chuckled, looking back at him. His bit his lips in embarrassment as his cheeks heat up again. I could really get used to that.


“W-well, I-I,” he stuttered in his words before groaning. “I needed to pee… A-and like when I was done… I—I went to the shower to uhm… wash my, uh, well my…”


“—don’t say it,” I cut him off, my cheeks flushing as I tore my gaze from him. He cleared his throat awkwardly.


“… yeah, and uh, I slipped and fell on my ass, my head hit the floor though… So I tried to stand up but there was nothing to support me so I tugged on the shower curtain like the stupid ass I am.,,,” he sighed.” You know what happens next.”


I bit the inside of my cheeks to keep myself from laughing, knowing that if I did, he would go all jerky. “Well… I don’t know what to say…”


“Just, don’t say anything cause it’ll make me feel more stupid,” he mumbled.


“Well, that really wasn’t stupid though,” I giggled. “Well, not fully.”


“Wow, thanks,” he said sarcastically. I just chuckled.


 “Can I get some ice for this though?” he asked, referring to his head.


I shook my head, “No, you’re not allowed to hold , eat or touch anything cold till tomorrow, bigboy.” I stated, in a teasing manner. “And, trying to wash your part earlier is added to the list.”


This made him scrunch his face up, “Okay? So, I won’t be washing? Ew.”


“Warm water will do,” I shrugged. He groaned.


“Like hell.” He grumbled and laid himself down. “I hate being sick.”


“Everyone hates being sick,” I giggled. “I’m surprised someone like you gets sick though…”


“Yeah, how could a monster possibly get sick, right?” he chuckled humorlessly.


This made me look down at him with furrowed eyebrows. The look on his pale face was unreadable, “That’s not what I meant…”


“Ofcourse it was,” He closed his eyes. “But I won’t be mad…”


“No, really. That’s not wh—“


“But I kinda like it though…” he cut me off, opening his eyes and staring straight at the ceiling. “Being sick makes me feel less demon.”


“Justin, you’re not a demon…” I whispered, biting my lip. “You… well, you’re a lost angel…”


He chuckled, “Good one, Reign. Really.”


“I’m not joking.”


“Sure.” he noted sarcastically, “Just go back to sleep, Reign. I’m still tired and I know you are too.”


“With you?” I hesitantly asked, biting my lip as I blushed.


“Mhm,” he hummed and positioned himself, pulling the covers up his shoulders. I watched as his eyes came to a full close and he curled himself up to keep warm. I smiled and crawled under the covers, next to him. His back was facing me, and I couldn’t help but move closer and wrap my arms around his body, burying my face in his back. I felt him tense, but relaxed after a while.


“It’s cold. I hope you don’t mind,” I said in a low voice like a whisper.


“I don’t,” he chuckled and I blushed, biting my lip as a smile plays on them. It became silent for a while, and I thought he was asleep, but it wasn’t until he spoke up again.


“Reign?” he rasped, taking my hand that laid on his chest as I hugged his torso.


“Hmm?” I hummed, closing my eyes.


“Why do you care so much?” he asked.


I really didn’t know how to answer that. It was as if I didn’t even know myself, “Because… I just do.”


“But…  how?”


“What do you mean?” I asked, opening my eyes though I still couldn’t see his face.


“No one cared for me in the past years of my life, ever since my mother died,” he mumbled, his voice didn’t hold any emotions at all.


“Jason did. He loves you too much.”


“Yeah… But I mean, someone I don’t know… You, I don’t really know you but you just… care too much,” he said.


“Maybe I’m just someone meant to care for no other stranger but you…”


He didn’t say anything anymore, and I just sighed and snuggled my face on his back, inhaling his natural scent that I loved too much. He just smelled too good and it was oddly obsessing.


“Reign?” he asked after a while of complete silence.




“I’m sorry,” he whispered.


“For what?” I asked.


“For being a douche always. I’m just… well, like that.”


“I know.” I chuckled and patted his chest. He responded with a soft laugh.




“Yes, Justin?”


“Thankyou… for caring. And uh, for everything.”


It was like the world had collapse as those words left his lips. Justin appreciated my efforts for the very first time. And it sounded like the most real thing he had told me. All the curse names he had yelled at me were crushed and I could actually feel his walls slowly break.



I felt myself getting warm and comfortable though the sunlight was shining right in my face. Fluttering my eyes open, I was met by the brightest thing ever. Not the sunlight, but Justin Bieber’s sleeping face almost an inch away from mine. I totally forgot the painful light of the sun at that moment. His arms were wrapped securely around my waist, and I could feel his chest rising up and down at how close were. I felt my cheeks heat up and I couldn’t help but stare into his gorgeous face. His eyes full closed with his long lashes, his cute button nose fitting his perfectly shaped face, and his pink plump and soft-looking lips were tremendously breathtaking.  Even his flaws, which I noticed just now. They made him even more beautiful.


But maybe I stared too long.  Because next thing I knew, his eyes opened and I was met with a pair of beautiful greenish-brown/hazel orbs and I swear I felt myself get lost in them.


“Uhm,” Justin mumbled awkwardly, loosening his grip around my waist and slowly scooting away whilst I clumsily rolled further away from him, my cheeks burning.


“Sorry,” we both said in unison. I immediately hopped off the bed, stood with my back facing him and let out a breath and trying to calm my heartbeat down before spinning around to see him getting up.

“Ugh, my head hurts,” he groaned and rubbed the back of his head like earlier didn’t happen at all.




“Well, uhm. You should eat breakfast and maybe you could drink some Tylenol or something,” I suggested and he nodded, walking in the direction of the bathroom to wash his face, but he did it with warm water like I told him. I did the same after him and we both got downstairs. Jason was still asleep though. Odd.


“What do you have here?” I asked, opening the drawers in their small kitchen.


“Everything Josh bought.” Justin mumbled, his arms on the table and his head laid on them.


“Not feeling any better?” I asked, closing the drawer and rubbing his back.


“I’m just feeling a little sleepy still, that’s all.” he sighed. I nodded.


“You can rest after breakfast.” I implied and he just nodded. Smiling, I proceeded back to finding food that Justin can eat and luckily, I found oatmeal.


“Do you eat oatmeal?” I asked, looking back at him.


“No,” he answered. I sighed.


“You have to anyway,” I shrugged and smirked, proceeding to prepare him breakfast. I was starved too and I loved oatmeal.


Just then, the sound of the doorbell rang through the whole apartment. I looked over at Justin, who stood up, mumbling “I got it.” as he fled the kitchen to open the door.


“Justin! Good to see you kiddo!” I heard a male voice though I just focused my attention on what I was doing.


“Yeah, yeah Demings,” I heard Justin say, “Come in you bastard.”


“You are so sweet,” I heard ‘Demings’ respond in sarcasm, followed by a chuckle, “You have an endearment for me.”


“Shut up, Josh.”


Oh.. so he’s that Josh guy…


“Chill, Bieber. Wait, why are you dressed like that?” Josh teased. “It’s summer and you dress like it’s winter. Are you a trend-setter?”


“One more Demings and I swear I’ll shove my fist down your throat.” I heard Justin hiss, though I knew they were just fooling around. Josh’s laughter were heard clearly and soon they were in the kitchen.


“:I smell oatmeal,” Josh spoke up , making me giggle and turn around. He hadn’t see me yet though.


“Uhm, goodmorning,” I greeted shyly and went to get a bowl. I felt Josh’s eyes on me as he watched my actions.

“Dude, you didn’t tell me you had a chick in here,” Josh teased and I saw him nudge Justin, making me blush.


“Shut up idiot, she’s a friend,” Justin obnoxiously stated and sat back down, not even bothering to introduce his friend to me. I’d thank him for that, really. It was a nice thing to do.


“Oh, a friend,” Josh teased, chuckling. “Better than Layla though.”


I felt my heart drop. Who was Layla?


I didn’t know but the feeling of Justin having a girlfriend really was odd and somewhat painful to me. But I didn’t think he would have one, though…


“Never compare Reign with that b-tch, Demings,” Justin remarked, making me smile and blush like crazy that I forgot I hadn’t got the oatmeal from the stove yet.


“Reign, does oatmeal suppose to smell burnt?” Ugh, too much for ruining the daydream.




A/N: Hey! Lol. This sucked, I know. And I'm sorry for not updating. You see, I have to enroll myself and buy my stuff cause school starts on Monday here. It's my 4th year and luckily my last year in highschool! LOL. So yah... ;) I'm sooo glad I'd graduate highschool at age 16 when others graduate at like, age 18-20 something.. idk , Haha


Anyways, thankyou. I just love reading your comments and I'm like, also fangirling when I read them. Oh my gosh. haha.

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