Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


15. What to believe in




“No alcoholic beverages, no smoking without my permission, stop being in the headlines as much as possible, don’t do anything stupid,” Reign kept ranting as she pointed her finger at me with a stern look on her face.


I huffed. “Yes, mother,” I replied, emphasizing the word ‘mother’ as I rolled my eyes in annoyance. Trust me when I say I had the urge to yell at her for telling me what to do—I just wanted to try being nicer because she helped me a lot.


With a sigh escaping her lips, she dropped her hand—away from my face and rolled her brown orbs, “Less of the attitude.” she said.


“Oh damn,” I scoffed. “You’re telling me about attitude.”


“Atleast I’m more well-behave than you are,” she countered, a smirk on her face. I scowled.


“And oh, less of the curse words Mr. Bieber,” she added, patting my chest and walking off the room.


“As if you don’t curse,” I mumbled.


“You curse like every minute. There’s a difference,” she pointed out.


“Whatever,” I rolled my orbs. “Who are you to tell me all that anyway?”


“The one who helped you couple of times, the one who’s still here to take care of you when she should be home, and,” she pretended to think as she counted those things off her fingers. “The one who pretty much protects you from being in jail and basically betraying her own father for your sake.”


“I hate you for being smart,” I grumbled as I sat at the end of my bed. She giggled and stuck her tongue out at me.


“I didn’t tell you to do all that though,” I countered with a smirk. “You just like me that much.”


This made her blush, her smug smile dropping, “N-no I do not!”


“You’re blushing, babygirl,” I smirked, standing up and stepping closer to her whilst she stepped back.


“Justin Drew Bieber,” she warned, walking backwards till her back finally hit the wall behind her. “Get away from my face.”


“I know you like being this close to me,” I teased. “You did that earlier too.”


“Don’t get your hopes too high, bigboy,” she scoffed.


“I’m not.” I shrugged, grinning like an idiot at the sight of her burning cheeks. “It’s a fact. You like me.”


“Do not,” she protested.


“Do too,” I continued to tease.


“Do not!” she yelled obnoxiously, “Now back off. You’re not even handsome. Ew.”


“Oh, that joke is old school,” I chuckled. “Besides, I’m not even holding you. Just get off the wall.”


This made her cheeks grow redder as she noticed just now that I didn’t have any hold of her and cleared her throat awkwardly. She tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear and pushed my shoulder, mumbling “I hate you” as she proceeded to exit the room. A chuckle escaping my lips, I shook my head slightly and followed behind her.


“Hey, I was just fooling around,” I bellowed after her but she waved me off and went to Jason, giving him a hug before turning to Josh and gave him one too.


“Jase, tell your brother he’s a jerk and he better do what I told him to do or I’ll squeeze his balls in a any way possible,” she told Jason, not even giving me a glance. Like, what did I even do? Speaking of drama queen.


“He’s right there,” Jason pointed towards me but Reign just ignored his remark and headed for the door. I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck.


“I didn’t even do anything and she’s acting like I did a crime,” I mumbled more to myself and turned to go back to my room but I felt a small hand grab mine and a soft kiss was planted on my cheek.


“I hate you, remember that,” she whispered with a smile before letting go of my hand and leaving. My gaze followed her, a smile on my lips as I bit the bottom of it.


“Hate you more though!” I yelled just before she closed the door.


“I hate you the most!” her voice was still heard even the door was on a full close and I couldn’t help but laugh a little and went over to where  Jason and Josh were sitting at, plopping myself down to join them. Josh was watching me intently as I relaxed myself and fixated my attention on the TV. I could feel his eyes burning holes on y face.


“Dude, you’re creeping me out,” I complained, not bothering to look at him. However, he still stared and I couldn’t stand it.


“Demings, stop staring,” I growled, diverting my gaze at him. He just chuckled and dug in his pockets, snatching out a box of cigarette, pulling out one and placing it between his lips before lighting it up, taking a drag and taking it between his fingers, blowing off smoke. I watched him intently, studying his gaze that haven’t left me.


“I said stop staring,” I warned, getting annoyed.


“She likes you,” he grinned, taking another drag.




“That girl likes you,” he shrugged, finally tearing his gaze away from me. I was about to say something but was cut off when Jason snatched the cigarette from Josh, dropping it on the tiled floor and stepping on it.


“What the hell bro?!” Josh yelled angrily.


“Don’t smoke here. We’re trying to get Justin to stop smoking and you’re not helping,” Jason replied, sitting himself back down beside me.


“We?” Josh cocked a brow up, “You mean the girl?”


“Really, what’s your deal Demings?” I asked exasperatedly.


“Dude, the hottie likes you,” he chuckled. “Is she your next target?”


“What do you mean?”


“Bro, you told me you won’t be stupid enough to fall again but you’re basically leading a girl on.” He stated, a grin on his face. “And it’s a cop’s daughter. I don’t think you’ll actually fall for her. I know you. Are you having some kind of you know—“


“—bullsh-t Josh Demings.”I cut him off, anger rising inside of me. “I am less manwhore than you think.”


“Chill, Biebs,” he said in defense, chuckling. “It’s not like that. I mean, why would you even have her here?”


“I was sick. She’s a friend. She took care of me. That’s the end of it.”


“But you’re not the type of guy who value friends , especially from outside our base—let alone, take care of you, or let in your house,” he said knowingly. “Well, unless you need something. Is she your replacement for Layla?”


“Stop talking about Reign like that, Josh,” Jason intervened, standing up. I patted his arm and gestured for him to sit down. He instantly obeyed and sat down, keeping his mouth closed.


“You know how I hate Layla, Demings,” I scowled.


“Gives the more reason to find anyone else,” he shrugged, “Cross’ daughter is pretty hot. I’m just saying.”


“Well, I don’t like where you’re going,” I growled, trying hard not to flip out. “Reign is not a slut.”


Josh eyed me up and down, as if he was thinking of something whilst I kept glaring at him, breathing heavily from how hard I was trying to prevent myself from punching him in the face.


“I knew it,” he finally spoke up, frustatingly. “F-ck, Justin.”


This made me furrow my eyebrows in confusion, my anger going down and my body slowly relaxing, “What?”


“You actually have a soft spot for her,” he exclaimed. “I was just trying to set you off by insulting her—I didn’t think you would but you defended her the whole time! Do you realize what that means?”


“I just didn’t want you talking about her like that because I know it’s not true,” I reasoned.


“You’re not the kind to give a f-ck about someone you barely know, Justin.” he dissented. “I think you should stop it cause that sounds like Jhen—“


“Shut up, Demings,” I cut him off, standing up. “I f-cking get it. I know what I’m doing. She’s an angel, I’m a devil. She’s out to get me and bring me to the hell where I belong. I get it, okay? You don’t need to tell me that anymore. I don’t like Reign.” Yet. “She’s just a friend. So cut the sh-t cause it annoys me.”


With that, I stormed out of the living room and went to my room, locking the door behind me and throwing myself on the bed. I was smiling when she was here. I felt like I didn’t have any problems at all. I felt like someone other than two people that I’ve known for years—cared about me. I felt like someone appreciated me for who I was, not for the things I did or how skilled I was to put a bullet through someone’s skull. I was happy with her.


But then, someone just had to ruin it. I felt myself going down a hellhole again. I felt as though I was tricked again. I knew Reign wouldn’t do that. I knew she wouldn’t be one of those people who hurt me. I trusted her. I wanted her close to me  because she managed  to bring out the good left in me. But I just couldn’t help it. Everytime Josh warned me about how I shouldn’t trust anyone, it felt as though he was right. Eventhough I knew he wasn’t. I just… couldn’t help it. I believed him for as long as I can remember. He just wanted to protect me from being hurt. He just cared. Right?


But then, why didn’t I want to believe him?


Devils don’t get angels, Justin…


But Reign told me I wasn’t a devil… What was I supposed to believe in?


I buried my face in the pillow, shutting my eyes and covering my ears to prevent any sound. Though my phone vibrating on the bed still snapped me out. I sighed and reached out for it, my eyes was instantly glued to the name that popped up with a message.


From: Reign

U got me in trouble with my dad. LOL. But it’s fine. Btw, remember what I told you, okay? Call me if u need anything… Uhm, yeah… haha. Bye, jerk xD Hate you :*


With a small smile creeping up my lips, I wrote a reply,


To: Reign

‘Good u got in trouble w/ yo dad. He’s gon’ take you to jail >:) and btw, ur not my mommy, don’t tell me what to do :P Hate you too idiot ;)



A/N: Just a filler :)


Whatcha think about Josh? LOL


I’d be like, updating once, twice or more in a week bc school starts on Monday :/ Not even excited. Lol.


Anyways, leave comments guys :) and thankyou so much for reading!

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