Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


6. Trust



"Emily..." I breathed out. She shook her head and looked around in disbelief.


"I can't believe this... I can't believe you..." she whispered more to herself as she stepped back. I sighed, closing my eyes in frustration.


"We'll just leave," I heard Jason mumble. Both mine and Emily’s head whipped in his direction.


"No, stay," I said sternly as I looked at him then back to Emily. "Emily Flynn, bring this girl upstairs. We'll talk later."


"But -"


"No buts!" I cut her off. "And don't dare call dad."


She furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at me, trying to find a response but I kept a sure look on my face. My gaze was hard on her and I didn't care in the tiniest bit what she thought about me.


"Please," I said, sternly.


"Reign! Are you insane?" she squeaked, gesturing to the boys.


"Please..." I trailed off, avoiding her gaze. Moments had gone by until her footsteps neared me. She crouched down and extended her arms for the girl. The child snuggled closer to me, afraid that Emily might do something.


"It's okay, sweetie. She's a friend," I cooed, kissing the top of her head. She looked at me before going to Emily.


"What's your name sweetheart?" Emily asked sweetly as she smiled.


"G-Gracie," the girl mumbled.


"I'm going to take you upstairs okay?"


With a nod earned from Gracie, Emily turned on her heels, looking back for a second to tell me, "I need an explanation." before completely disappearing up the stairs. An exasperated sigh escaped my lips as I stood up and plopped on the couch where Gracie was a while ago. Silence covered the atmosphere between the three of us. Jason had a look of guilt on his face and Justin was on the moon. Don't take me literally. I mean, he seemed distant.


I didn't know why I still sat there when I already knew they killed an innocent girl's parents. I knew I should be hiding for dear life now but to be quite honest, I wasn't even scared.


Tracing my lips with my tongue, I let out a breathed, "So,what's the story?" I asked breaking the ice.


They both gave me their attention. Justin seemed to have gotten what I meant but Jason looked confused as ever. With a sigh, Justin leaned his head back and slapped a hand on his forehead, slightly massaging it.


"Uhm..." Jason trailed off, still confused.


"Justin?" I cocked a brow up, expecting him to be the one to explain.


"You don't need to know," he mumbled.


"Oh, I think I do," I scoffed. "You're in my freaking house, injured, with a little girl who you say you've taken the parents from."


Jason scrunched his nose up, "That's deep. What're we talking about?"


Rolling my eyes  at his stupidness, I focused my attention to Justin intently. He sighed before looking at me, his eyes darker than normal, "I don't just tell anyone about work."


"But I already know what you do," I pointed out. "I just need an explanation on why in hell would you kill that innocent girl's parents."


"I f-cking said I won't tell," he retaliated.


"And why so?" I cocked a brow up, challenging him. He lowly growled, his jaw tensed and I immediately went cautious. He might bite. Keeping my mouth shut, I gazed down and shut my eyes in frustration.


"He wasn't supposed to," Jason suddenly spoke up, finally getting the message. Both of Justin and I's attention directed towards him.


"What?" I asked, getting in the topic in hopes he would tell me.


"He wasn't really supposed to kill them with his own hands," he answered, looking over at Justin whose eyes were glistening. "We were just meant to get the girl," he continued on. "She may be innocent but her parents weren't..."


"Jason, stop," Justin warned, his voice filled with authority that anyone would've actually listened.


"But why? She helped us. Don't you think we should trust her?"


"No," Justin stated coldly, his gaze meeting mine. I couldn't help but feel offended by that. I just helped him twice yet he didn't even trust me. Wow, douche.


"Why?" Jason asked, finding Justin's answer to be complete nonsense.


"Because trusting someone got me nowhere," he mumbled and I furrowed my eyebrows. Confusion rushing down on me. Jason pursed his lips and looked down, complete silence taking over once again.


What did that mean? Why was it so hard to trust me when I've trusted him the moment I saw him? That was complete nonsense to me. Standing up, I cleared my throat and decided to just change the topic.


"You guys hungry?" I asked. They both looked at me, not saying a word. It wasn't until Justin stood up.


"We better get going," he mumbled. "We still need to find Gracie a shelter."


"Gracie can stay here, my dad can take care of it," I retorted. "And you don't have to leave to soon. You're not in good condition."


"It's not the first time this happened."


"I know, but this will be the first time someone cared," I said, smiling at him. He looked at me, an unknown expression spread across his features. Justin looked over at his brother, who was now gazing down.


"Stop it," he grumbled.


"Stop what?" I asked, clueless.


"Stop caring or even stop pretending that you do." he almost yelled.


"I'm not pretending!" I shot back, "And I don't even understand you! You came to me because you needed help! I helped you! I let you get away with your crimes! I trusted you enough to let you in my house yet you don't think I care? I don't know why I even do! You're a freaking criminal! My father's a cop! He risks his life to find criminals yet I even had the guts to help one! If you think I don't care then I don't even know if you have a heart at all!"


I couldn't keep my rage in, I was breathing heavily and tears were threatening to fall from my eyes. Why was I even crying over a monster like him?


"I'm sorry," he mumbled, and grabbed his shirt. "I've just learned that this world will never be on my side and no one will ever care for me. I just.... don't believe you."


I could feel my heart drop at his words. Did he really feel that way?


"But do you atleast t-trust me?" I asked, my voice fading at the end as tears finally rolled down my cheeks.


And before I knew it, his arms wrapped around my small figure, his scent invading my smell zone and his breath hitting the crook of my neck. I felt my arms ran up his back, hugging him back. I could feel his heartbeat against mine, sending butterflies to swarm my stomach


"Thankyou, for everything" he whispered, his voice shaky, "I don't want to believe you..." he paused and gulped down, "But..."


"But what?" I whispered back.


"I trust you..." he trailed of, "Please don't make me feel like this is a mistake."




Heart pounding, tears flowing, Justin gripped the steering wheel tighter. His knuckles turning white at the force he was using. Jason kept quiet, tears of his own streaming down his rosy cheeks. He just wondered why his brother was like that everytime. It worried him, it scared him.


It always seemed like Justin always thought everything would go wrong. He always wanted everything to go right even if he always end up hurting himself. Even just letting his heart take over was a sin to him.


Sniffling, Jason leaned his head on the window, looking over the moving objects they passed by, his thoughts left to where they had left a while ago. He trusted Reign, eventhough he just met her. He just couldn't quiet understand what was pulling Justin away from opening up to her. Though it seemed so impossible, considering she was a cop's daughter, it wasn't hard to trust her. She seemed so full of sincerety.


Upon hearing his phone vibrate-snapping him out of his trance- he pulled it out of his pocket, staring at the caller I.D. Josh's picture appearing on the screen. Tapping the answer button, he placed the phone to his ear.


"Jason?" Josh's voice rang through the other line, anxiousness dripping his words.


"Josh," Jason rasped out, glancing over at Justin who had his eyes glued ahead.


"Are you boys okay?," Josh nearly screamed. "You we're meant to be home about two hours ago!"


"We're fine," Jason mumbled, having Josh barely convinced.


"Okay, I want your asses home, now." Josh demanded sternly, causing a sigh to escape Jason's lips.


"Aight." he muttered and hung up before looking over at Justin.


"Josh wants us home now..."


With only a nod earned from Justin, he diverted his gaze outside the window again. He was thinking about how Josh was worried sick right now. He was like an eldest brother to them, ever since they got in the world of crimes and deaths.


"Was it another mistake?" he heard Justin mumble after a long while. Jason merely looked at him, watching as Justin pulled his hair in frustration.


"What do you mean?"


"I mean all of it, Jason," Justin almost yelled. "Telling her I trust her, coming to her when I needed help, it was all a mistake. She's out to get me."


"None of it was a mistake..." Jason mumbled in return, Justin stopped the car, looking at his brother with confusion written all over his features. A sigh escaped Jason's lips, looking over at Justin.


"Stop doing this, Justin. Not everyone's out there to get you," he whispered, but making sure Justin heard him clearly. Justin avoided his gaze and licked his lips.


"How do I know that?" he asked. "All our lives we've been hiding Jason. No one will ever be on our side."


"How do you know that?" Jason returned his question. Justin had his gaze fixated on Jason now, his eyes glistening.


"Because everyone I trusted deceived me."


"Not everyone. Josh still there, I'm still here," Jason said in a comforting manner.


"That's because you're both like me," Justin pointed out. "Hiding in wait for someone's blood to save our lives."


Jason's stomach churned, guilt rushing through his veins as he gazed down, "Yeah," he choked out. "But it's still not too late, right?"


"What do you mean?"


"I don't want this life anymore..." Jason whispered.




"I saw that," Emily said as she walked over her bestfriend who was still at the doorframe, watching as the sky turned skyblue. Reign turned her head, gasping as her cheeks turned into crimson.


"W-what're you talking about?" she stammered, avoiding Emily's gaze.


"You were all crying and screaming then Bieber hugged you," Emily smirked. "You're a dead girl."


Cheeks burning, Reign walked past Emily with crossed arms and plopped on the couch. Emily followed, collapsing on the other.


"Do you like him?" she asked.


"What?!" Reign snapped, her eyes widening.


"Relax, chika," Emily chuckled. "Just give me an answer, I won't tell."


Reign looked down, fiddling with her fingers, trying to find an answer. Did she like him?


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