Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


11. So wrong



I shifted on my bed as I felt Gracie move beside me and snuggled closer to my chest. With my eyes barely opened, I saw a silhouette illuminated by the dim light of the moon from the window, sitting on the couch as he looked outside. Upon realizing who owned the figure, I slowly sat up, rubbing my eyes.


"Justin," I called his attention, which he returned with a hum.


"Why aren't you sleeping?" I asked, slowly getting out of bed, quiet enough to not wake Jason and Gracie up. Yes, Jason was with us right now. I called him to tell him what had happened and also told him to crash in my house. My dad left early today, just before Jason showed up in my front door after dropping Emily to her place. Their date went pretty good if I must say. Maybe except for the fact that Emily nearly emptied Jason's wallet. And all she did was feed him.


"Can't sleep," Justin answered after a while. I went over and sat beside him, scanning his beautiful features through the dim light. But the bags under his eyes and the exhausted look on his face made me frown.


"Why? Aren't you tired?" I asked, concerned. He barely met my gaze before he looked at the floor, heaving out a stressful sigh.


"I am," he admitted, licking his plump lips and looked up at me, "But my mind won't let me rest."


I frowned more at his words, absentmindedly reaching for his hand and taking it in mine. This is the side of Justin I always believed in, not that criminal always being in the headlines on the news. The lost side, waiting to be found.


"Why?" he suddenly asked, his eyes turning glassy as they burned through mine. I furrowed my eyebrows, trying to find what he meant.


"What do you mean, Justin?"


"Why are you doing this?" a tear now rolled down his cheeks, "Cause I feel like I'm falling in the same trap again."


I might not have known what he meant, but I knew it was something that hurt him deeply. And I couldn't do anything to take that back.


Slowly moving closer, I wrapped my arms around his torso. Inhaling his scent and thinking about how right it felt to have him in my arms. It felt so right. A while then have passed by where we just stayed in that position, listening to each others heartbeat. He didn't hug back, but he didn't pull away either. We stayed like that, and I just wished to never let go. I don't know why I felt this way towards a criminal like him, but I didn't regret it. Not in the tiniest bit.


"This hug," he started after a while, his voice a bit shaky, "It's the second time, yet it feels just the same."


Butterflies swarmed my stomach as my thoughts diverted back to the night where he hugged me, "You... remember that?"


"I never forgot," he merely whispered, his face now burying in my neck and his arms hugging me back, enveloping me in a gentle embrace.


"How did it feel like?" I asked in a whisper, my other hand now stroking the back of his head, feeling the softness of his hair.


"It... felt right," he mumbled in my neck, causing my cheeks to burn.


"It did... and it still does..." I whispered back.


"Reign, tell me you mean that," he whispered as he hugged me tighter. I could already feel my shoulder get wet with his tears as he started to sob. It honestly broke my heart to hear the begging in his words and the heartwrenching cries he was letting out.


"That night," I started, holding him tighter, "You told me you trust me. You told me not to make you feel like you were doing a mistake, right? You never gave me the time to reply before leaving."


"Wh-what would you s-say if I-I did?"


"I'll tell you you're not making a mistake," I said, tears of my own forming, "This is the most right thing you'd ever do. Trust me. And if you're asking if I meant what I said, then yes Justin, I did."


"O-okay-y," was all he said, his breathing getting quicker as he cried. I just rubbed his back in circles, in attempt to calm him down. I honestly couldn't everything that was taking place. Justin was slowly opening up to me. Ever so suddenly.


I just held him the whole time, trying to comfort him as I felt his heartbeat in mine. It was a matter of time when his breathing finally calmed, but his grip on me didn't tighten or loosen, it was gentle and comforting.


"I'm sorry," he rasped out and slightly chuckled against my neck, "I think I cried too much, your shoulder's soaking wet."


I couldn't help but giggle as he slowly pulled away, the warmth he gave me slowly replaced by the coldness of the room. We looked at each other for a while as I reached up to wipe his cheeks. For the first time, I was seeing a whole different side of someone who was judged and condemned by the society.


"I never cried in front of a girl before," he mumbled, tearing off his gaze away from me, "I suggest you don't tell anyone of how much of a crybaby I am."


He chuckled softly then, licking his lips.


"Crying doesn't make you a cry baby," I smiled, patting his leg.


"Guys don't cry," he shrugged. "Crybabies does."


"My dad cried when I was born," I countered, taking his hand. "Does that make him a cry baby?"


Justin didn't say anything, but he just looked at me in the eyes, as if he was looking for something.


"Crying isn't a sign of weakness, it is a proof that you're living," I said, slightly squeezing his hand, "You were crying too, when you were born."


"How do you just know what to say?" he chuckled softly. I just giggled and blushed my face off. I knew I just met him. But I liked him. Was that a crime? Guess not.


I woke up at an empty bed, hugging a pillow as I laid. Wait, bed? Didn't I sleep in the couch with Justin? Was that all a dream?


Wait no... It can't be.


But where's Justin? And Jason?


Sitting up and rubbing my eyes, I looked around the room, all quiet and neat. I sighed and rolled out of bed, stretching as I did so and proceeded to exit the room.


"Justin?" I called out as I paced the hallway leading to the staircase near my room. Getting nothing in response, I went downstairs and was met by an empty living room. By that, I meant, there was completely no one. No noises or whatever. Even Gracie wasn't there. Wait...What?


I would've thought it was a dream if Gracie was in the house. But she wasn't . And wait, was dad home?


Storming back upstairs, I turned into the direction of dad's room and flung it open, seeing no one was there as well. An uneasy feeling made my stomach drop. My heart pounding loudly against my chest. Where was everybody?


"Justin, Jason, Gracie?" I called out anxiously again, leaving my dad's room to go back to mine. As soon as I went in my room, I retrieved my phone from the sidetable, seeing I have one new text message.


From: Dad

 'Hey sweetie, I won't be coming home till  tomorrow cause I got held up in a job. I'll be staying at Fred's for the night cause it's far home. You can invite Emily over. Be careful. Love u. I’ll be home by afternoon.’


Staring at the text message long and hard, I almost jumped and scream when the front door downstairs flung open, followed by footsteps, and Gracie's cheerful voice. I sighed in relief and went downstairs to see Jason dressed in a new white tee and jeans with McDonald's in his hands whilst Gracie ran up to me.


"Where have you been? You scared me," I told Jason as I picked Gracie up.


"Well, we were hungry and I didn't have any clothes so I just brought Gracie with me since you were sleeping," he shrugged and proceeded to the kitchen, dropping the food on the table.


"And where did you go?" I asked, putting Gracie down on the table.


"Home," he said as he sat down, but quickly correcting himself, "I mean, our Base to get some clothes. Then McDonald's for food."


My eyes widened at what he said, "What?! You brought her there?!" I shrieked pointing at Gracie but Jason was still calm.


"Yeah, no one was there though," he shrugged, unwrapping a burger and taking a bite, "Oh, and Josh called, he said he got us a place to stay. Justin talked to him."


"Still! It could be dangerous!" I almost yelled, "And who's this Josh?? When did Justin talk to him?"


"After he beat the living shi-- I mean, Logan up," he explained, taking another bite, "He called Josh and told him to not go back to the base when he was done with y'know, a job. But Josh checked anyway, he said no one was there by the time he got home."


"You didn't answer my other question," I crossed my arms, "Who's Josh?"


"He's part of our team, duh," he stated like I was stupid and rolled his orbs. I merely made a face.


"Listen here Jason, how stupid are you and your brother? You came back there after what happened, not to mention, brought a child with you!" I scolded. "You should've woke me up to cook for you!"


"Oh well I tried waking you up! And you didn't, you kept hitting me with a pillow!" he countered, making my face flush in embarrassment.


"Oh," was all I managed to say and awkwardly bit my lip.


"Are you two done?" Gracie spoke up in her cute little voice as she looked from Jason, to me. I merely stood there awkwardly.


"Kitten, go on and eat your food, okay?" Jason cooed as he smiled sweetly to Gracie which she returned with a huge cheeky grin. Wow, she's friends with Jason now? Speaking of charm.


Wait... something's missing. Well, someone, actually.


"Hey Jason," I called his attention, "Where's Justin?"


He furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at me for a moment, "I thought you know since you never asked till now?" he asked.


I shook my head and shrugged, "Well, I don't."


"I don't know either," he mumbled, "He was gone when I woke up."


"What? What time is it now?"


"Eleven," he replied.


"Eleven?! That means I overslept gosh. That's why you're hungry, you haven't eaten breakfast." I softly gasped.


"Wow, congratulations, you noticed just now," he chuckled and rolled his orbs.


I merely went over to him and smacked his head, making him slightly scream.


 "Shut up!" I hissed.


"Damn, okay, fine," he grumbled, holding his head, "You didn't need to do that."


I just rolled my orbs and softly laughed. But then, my thoughts were bothered by Justin's whereabouts again. He just always had to do something and make me worry.



It was now 11 pm. Jason fell asleep on the couch, leaving the T.V on, with Gracie curled up to his chest. It was adorable. Though I was still wondering how Jason got Gracie's trust. And now they're like bestfriends.


I was sitting in the kitchen, waiting for Justin to come back. It was impossible to call him, either. He broke his phone and Jason said he only use a payphone to call that Josh guy. Now I was worried, knowing how Justin's brain works. Well, not exactly, but I know trouble always goes after him.


The rain was pouring rather violently outside, which makes it impossible to even go out. Now tell me why it's raining when it's obviously summer season?!


I sighed and laid my head on the dining table, deciding to just think about the other night. Justin's body against mine, his tears being dried on my shoulders and his arms gently wrapped around me. It felt amazing.


He was a whole different person that night. A real softy and sweet person behind the badboy act... and not to mention, broken.


I wonder if I helped him in anyway. Like make him feel like I truly cared.


I wonder if he'd keep acting that way, or go back to his mean, and intimidating attitude.


Dwelling in my thoughts, the front door creaking open snapped me out of my daydream. I almost immediately jumped off my seat and stormed into the living room, seeing Justin's all too familiar silhouette entering the front door. His leather jacket was slung over his shoulder, leaving him in his white tee and his hair soaking wet.


"Where have you been?" I asked in concern, startling him because he gasped and snapped his head towards me.


"Why are you up this late?" he asked, pulling the door to a full close before he locked it.


"I was waiting for you," I replied, slightly smiling but he didn't return it.


"You shouldn't have," he mumbled, rather harshly as he shoved past me and to the kitchen. I followed behind him, watching as he pour water into a glass and drank it, before he set the glass on the sink and ran a hand through his soaked hair.


"I was worried," I mumbled.


"You didn't have to worry," he muttered, his back still facing me. It bothered me because it seemed like something was bothering him as well.


"Are you okay?" I asked, approaching him and placed a hand on his back but he pulled away before I could.


"I'm fine, go to sleep," he growled lowly as his gaze met mine. His eyes were not in its bright hazel color, it was a raven black.


Justin Bieber's back I guess.


Slightly frowning, I dropped my hand and licked my lips, "You should go take a shower and change before you get sick."


"Go to sleep, Reign," he growled but I ignored him.


"Not after I'm sure you're fine," I said, stubbornly.


"I said I'm fine! Stop being such a mom and go to sleep!" he yelled.


"I would if you stop being such a dad!" I shot back. He scowled and grabbed my wrist, pulling me close that our noses were touching.


"Are you talking back to me?"


"I guess I am," I stubbornly replied, pulling my wrist away from his grip but he tightened it. It felt slightly uncomfortable to be this close to him, but could I complain?


"You better stop and leave me alone, okay? Just because of what happened last night doesn't mean we're friends so f-ck off," he spoke through gritted teeth. His words hit me like a hurricane. I couldn't explain how much that hurt so I pushed him and landed a slap across his face.


"Well, I'm sorry I cared!" I yelled, tears engulfing my eyes, "And don't forget you are in 'my' house Bieber! You don't go shouting at me in my own house! Why don't you just leave and do what you want cause I don't care anymore!"


He didn't say a word, neither did he do something other than walking off the kitchen. I didn't think he would, but he actually left. He opened the front door and went into the pouring rain. Ofcourse I didn't mean to make him leave. But I didn't know what was wrong with him either. Why does he have to be so complicated? Why not just let others know what's bothering him and not shouting at someone who takes effort to help?


I thought I was halfway to breaking his walls. I thought I was near to earning his full trust. But I was wrong. So wrong.


I just didn’t understand it. I just didn’t understand him.


But crap, did I really think we would be further than what happened last night?


“I saw that.” I suddenly heard Jason’s raspy voice as he walked in the kitchen, looking like he just woke up.


I sighed and wiped the tears rolling down my cheeks, “Your brother’s a jerk.”


“You think?” he hopped on the kitchen counter, swinging his legs back and forth, “He’s just… I don’t know… thinking too much.”


“Well, I think he’s thinking the wrong way,” I spat. Jason chuckled making me glare at him.


“Now you sound like him,” he teased.


“Do not,” I grumbled, turning on my heels to leave the kitchen but Jason called me.


“You know he’s my brother, right?”


“And?” I asked, turning around.


“I know him too well to know he’s still behind that door.”

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