Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


13. She still cares



“I don’t really know what to do, Reign.” Jason’s voice was filled with worry as he spoke through the other line, “This definitely never happened before.”




“Oh come on. Ofcourse this isn’t the first time Justin got sick, calm down.” I tried to reassure but I myself worried too. I mean, it would be my fault if he got sick. I made him leave eventhough it was raining. But then, it was also his fault for being a jerk, right?




They left earlier because I told Jason my dad would be going home—which he was now. I didn’t really know if Justin was already sick when he was still here. I mean, we still had an argument just a few hours before they left. Or maybe I just didn’t notice.




“As I said, this never happened before,” Jason repeated, a hint of annoyance in his voice, “He doesn’t even have a fever, damn. This isn’t normal.”




I sighed. “Are you sure? Can you tell me how he’s doing?” I asked, now plopping myself on the bed.




“Why don’t you just find out yourself?” he asked, getting impatient as low noises were heard from the other line. It sounded as though he was mumbling to himself and I could just picture him pacing back and forth. I honestly adore this guy. I mean, his love and concern  for his brother was unbelievable. Eventhough Justin was rude and cranky to him.




“Relax,” I sighed, “You didn’t give him any medications, did you?”




“No,” he answered, more calmly this time.




“Good. I’ll be there, but first, you have to tell me how he is,” I instructed, inwardly calming myself as well, “That way, I’ll know what to do.”




“Okay,” he sighed. “He’s well… he’s cold but I wrapped him up in bed sheets already. He’s shivering and couldn’t even stand up or talk properly.”




That made my heart drop. I mean, I wouldn’t have expected someone like Justin would get sick to the point where they’re too weak. That’s… I don’t know… unbelievable. But then, saying I was worried was an understatement. I knew he pissed me off big time earlier but that wasn’t a valid reason to not help out. Besides, it was partly my fault.




“Jason, does Justin drink?” I asked.




“Uh, yes…”












“Do drugs?”




“Sometimes, Reign could you just hurry up, please?”




“I’m coming. Text me the address.”




With that, I hung up and exited my room, hurrying down the hall towards my dad’s room. I quietly twisted the doorknob and pried the door open, seeing my dad sitting on his bed while he sat his laptop on his lap.




“Daddy?” I called his attention.




“Yes, babygirl?” he asked, looking up from his laptop and faced me.




“Uhm, can I go out?” I asked. His eyebrows knitted together.




“Where are you going?”




Crap, I didn’t think about this.




“Emily needs, uh, help,” I lied. Well, this habit was getting unhealthy.




“With…?” he trailed off.




Use your talent Reign. “Her boyfriend seems to be suffering from hypothermia and she doesn’t know what to do.”




“Is that so?” he cocked a brow up.




I merely nodded my head and shrugged.




“Well, okay then. Just come home early and call me if anything happens.”




He just trusts me too much.




Keeping myself from squealing, I just smiled and walked over to kiss him on the cheek, “Thanks dad, and I will. Gracie’s downstairs and…”




“…Leave her to me,” he cut me off and beamed. I love my dad so much, okay?





Soon enough I had reached the apartment Jason and Justin were staying at, following the exact address he had texted me. I didn’t know how they moved in without being recognized—well especially Justin though.




Jason opened the door for me, and my heart was racing from that moment on, “Where is he?” I immediately asked.




“You’re only at the front door, Reign. He’s inside, obviously,” Jason tried to remark in sarcasm. Well atleast he tried. I sighed and rolled my eyes, stepping into the well-ventilated place, looking around in the process.




“He’s on his room.”




I just nodded, followed him and soon enough reached where Justin was supposed to be at. It wasn’t pleasant in the tiniest bit. The one and only Justin Bieber was there, laying helpless on the bed, curled up in a ball as he struggled to keep himself warm. Well  that was a rare sight for a famous—and not to mention, feared criminal.




I quickly rushed to his side, placing my hand on the side of his face. His skin was pale and cold, his chest rose up and down from the uncontrolled breathing and his lips trembled as tears escaped his closed eyes. I swallowed hard, biting my bottom lip as my stomach churned in guilt and sympathy.




“J-Justin?” I asked, my voice shaking. His eyes slowly opened at the sound of my voice.




“Wh-what a-are-  y-you-u do-oing he-here?” there was hatred in his voice though it was hard to understand him. I could care less if he was mad at me.




“Jason, is the heater turned on?” I ignored his question and faced Jason who just stood there, bothered. He nodded and I responded with a slight smile.




“He’s okay, don’t worry,” I reassured. “Just get me more blankets, bottles of warm water and towels.”




Nodding though still seemed uneasy, Jason fled the room to get what I had told him to get while I quickly redirected my attention to Justin again, “What are you wearing?” I asked, not really expecting an answer and peeked through the covers and saw that he was only in a black tee and basketball shorts. I stood up and rushed to the closet in the corner, prying it open and rummaged through his clothes, pulling out a hoodie and a beanie before quickly rushing back to him. I pulled the covers off of him and lifted his violently shaking body to sit him up. He didn’t even have the strength to keep himself up and collapsed on me, his head on my shoulder as his large arms draped weakly around my waist.




“I-It’s t-too c-cold-d,” he mumbled, breathlessy.




“I know.” I said and I slid him on his hoodie—which really was hard and gently laid him back down, zipping it up and putting the beanie on his head down to cover his ears and pulled the hood up to his head before placing the blanket back to cover his shivering frame.




“Look, I-I’m sorry,” I sighed. Wait, why was I the one apologizing?




“J-Just g-go-o ho-home,” he struggled to say and I just rolled my orbs.




“Now’s not the right time for your attitude, Justin.” I said with a sigh.




Soon enough, Jason came running in, blankets and towels on his right arm and bottles of what I presume was hot water on the other, “Ah, hot.” he hissed and dropped them all at the edge of the bed before rubbing his arm. I giggled at his cuteness and reached for a bottle, wrapped it in a towel and inserted it inside Justin’s zipped up hoodie.




“That should warm you up.” I whispered and patted it gently.




“Y-you thi-ink?.” He noted in sarcasm. I rolled my eyes.




“No, it’s going to freeze you since it’s hot water.” I shot back. Hey, I know I shouldn’t be sarcastic in this situation but he started it. “Now could you answer for me, please? Did you do drugs before you got wet yesterday? Or drink?”




“Wait, what connection does that make? Why is he like that?” Jason intervened.




“He pretty much has mild hypothermia,” I sighed. “People often get it when they’re soaked in cold water or in a freezing place for a long period of time. That’s rare, cause it usually just causes fever, cold or flu.  Hypothermia decreases the body’s temperature. But then, if your brother does drugs or drinks, it’s risky cause chemicals as such keeps the blood vessels dilated and allows heat to escape.”




Good thing my mom was a nurse and taught me things.




“Damn deep,” Jason mumbled. “Good thing I don’t drink.”




“Yeah, lucky for you.” I chuckled and placed my hand on Justin’s skin again, feeling it was a little warmer than earlier. I smiled down at him weakly and grabbed another warm bottle, wrapped it in towel and placed it on the side of his face, down to his neck and another bottle on the other side. He was breathing more calmly too but still weak.




“He needs to be hydrated,” I said and looked over to Jason. “Jase, get me water that’s clean to drink. It needs to be warm, okay?”








I opened my eyes tiredly as I felt something move beside me. Barely able to move my head, I looked down to see Reign snuggled to my side, her arms draped around my upper body. I made sure not to wake her as I slowly moved my hand to remove the strands of hair covering her face. This girl… she… she’s stupid and she… just cares so much. I couldn’t help but feel ashamed of myself. I was so rude to her when all she did was care for me. Eventhough we had just met for not a long time. I felt stupid for yelling at her all the time. For doubting her.




I’ve never had someone to take care of me when I was sick before she came. Maybe except for Jason, or Josh. But they didn’t even know exactly what to do. I had to take care of myself. Damn, I even took on jobs even when I was sick. But this time, Reign was here. Eventhough I’ve never been nice to her. She helped me a lot of times already.  But I haven’t done anything to pay her back. She cared for Jason. She cared for me.




How could a person care for someone so much?




Someone she barely knew… someone she shouldn’t be with… someone who was far from being anyone’s dream guy.




someone who always blew her off and yell at her for no reason. Yet, she still cared.


I cared for Jason more than myself, but that’s because he was my brother and I loved him. But why would Reign care for me? I was a stranger still—and I was a criminal. I didn’t deserve that.




Admiring her sleeping features, I saw bags under her pretty eyes and for some reason, it made me frown. Maybe because she got those because of me. I let out a shaky breath since I was still a little cold, though warmer than before. I weakly stroke my cold fingers through her hair. It was soft, and shiny. She moved more a little, but only to tighten her embrace around me, keeping me warm as hard as she could, making me smile. She was so beautiful up-close, almost flawless and so precious.




“Thankyou,” I whispered. “…and I’m sorry…”

























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