Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


8. Jeremy Bieber



"Gracie, be careful!," I called out as I sat at a nearby bench, watching Gracie as she played with a few kids. I've decided to bring her to the nearest park. It was all I could think of to make her stop crying. Probably because when my mom died, my dad did the same to me. I was actually 16 that time but it made me smile. We just sat in the park and eat icecream. I never saw my dad cry, he said my mom wouldn't like that so I stopped too. I never cried over her again, eventhough I badly wanted to.


I told Gracie the same thing. And now I felt somewhat relieved to see her laughing instead of crying.


"Ali look! I made many friends!" she yelled as she spread out her arms and giggled cutely, making me smile in delight. She called me Ali - shortcut for Alicia - instead of my first name, but I liked it anyway.


"That's great, sweetheart!" I said sweetly and clapped my arms. She let out a cute laugh and got back to running around with the kids while I just shook my head, giggling to myself.


"Looks like she's having fun," a familiar voice spoke up from behind me. I whipped my head back and stood up as my eyes laid upon Jason's figure.


"Jason?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.


"Who else?" he chuckled.


"What're you doing here? Where's your brother? Are you with him? Are you out to do a job again? Aren't the cops after you? What if they catch you? Did something happen? Why--" I bombarded him with questions but he cut me off by holding both of my shoulders as he  pulled me and sat me back down.


"Relax, I have all day," he laughed and sat down beside me, "I'll answer all that."


I merely rolled my orbs and crossed my arms.


He just chuckled, "First, I'm always here this time of day. Second, Justin's not with me, he's - I don't know where on earth he is," he stated and slightly laughed. "Third, no, we don't have to do 'stuff' today, Josh's dealing with it. Fourth, I never killed anyone the way Justin does so cops pretty much doesn't know me. I'm just on with bombing. And last, something happened," he finished and met my gaze.


"What happened?" I asked, intently and slightly alarmingly. He cracked a smile.


"I came here to relax, and you just bombarded me with questions." he laughed. I playfully punched his shoulder and laughed with him before diverting my gaze back at Gracie. There was silence for a while, we just enjoyed the watching the children.


"Emily could've enjoyed being here right now," I couldn't help but laughed again, knowing well that my bestfriend liked him.


"Why's that?" Jason asked, confused.


"Oh nothing," I said sarcastically and rolled my orbs, still laughing to myself.


"You're so weird," he cutely scrunched he's nose up. Okay, he was actually cute. Now I get why Emily liked him. But gosh, he's sixteen. That's still a kid for me. Not like it was so far of an age gap.


Silence then made it's way again, and I didn't like it.


"I'm glad she met new friends," I said after a moment and I felt Jason's eyes on me.


"Jazzy and Jaxon, eh?" he said quietly and looked away. I merely gazed at him with eyebrows furrowed.


"You know them?" I asked. He just nodded and pursed his lips, still avoiding my gaze.


"They're very lucky," he stated and smiled weakly, "He loves them."


Confusion taking over, I was about to ask him what he was talking about when a man's voice cut me off, "Excuse me, is this little girl with you?" he asked. "We have to go now."


I looked up and saw a muscular, friendly-looking man in front of me, with Gracie and two kids beside him.


"Ah, yes," I beamed and took Gracie. "Thankyou."


"Jeremy," he grinned and stuck his hand out, "My kids really had fun with this girl here."


I took his hand and smiled, "That's great. Gracie did too."


He just nodded and gazed over at Jason, who merely looked at him back without a greeting or anything.


"What's your name lad?" he asked him.


"Jason," he replied.


"I often see you here, and I saw you once with that other kid," Jeremy rubbed the side of his face, and licked his lips before continuing, "Are you related to him?"


Silence then covered the atmosphere while I sat there awkwardly listening to their conversation. Gracie clung on my shirt as she watched as well.


"He's my brother," Jason answered after a while. Jeremy nodded, and gazed elsewhere before turning back to Jason. Excuse me, I felt extremely out of place.


"Uhm, may I know his name?" Jeremy once again, asked. Jason chuckled bitterly and shook his head.


"Justin," he stated with so much emphasis, "Heard his name anywhere on the news? That's right. The criminal? Yes, that's him. But I believe you know him in some other way?" We watched as Jeremy's expression change. It was like he was having a million thoughts, leaving me totally lost with the topic. Why was even Jeremy asking about Justin? Did he know him in any way? Did Justin do something that affected him?


When he didn't say anything, Jason looked over at the two kids, "They're beautiful, aren't they?" he remarked. "Good to see you with them here. Didn't know you there's actually a father in you, Mr. Bieber."


I was at a complete loss for words as those last two words rang through my ears and before I knew it, Jason pulled me with him and left the park, Gracie still clutched on my shirt while she was still looking back, same as me. Jeremy still stood there, motionless.


"Uhm Jason," I started but he shushed me so I just kept my mouth shut and walked. Damn, can't I take a break with these guys?


Why the hell do I always get involve with them?!!


Reign's POV


"What the hell was that all about?" I asked Jason as soon as we got settled in his car. Gracie was in the backseat, glaring over at Jason.


"Careful with the language," he stated. "We have a child here."


I merely rolled my orbs, "Can you just tell me already? I am about so full of your sh--"


"Language, Reign," he cut me off, firmly this time. He actually looked somewhat like Justin. Uhm, okay. Let's just stop thinking about him. I pursed my lips and leaned back on my seat.


He sighed, "I suppose you already know who Jeremy is?"


"You think?" I cocked a brow up. This time, it was his turn to roll his eyes.


"I'm always hanging out in the park because I'm watching them," he said, looking ahead. I furrowed my eyebrows and diverted my gaze outside the window.


"But why?" I asked.


"Because Justin wants me to," he sighed, "He can't do it himself because he's pretty much more wanted by the cops than I am."


"Wait, why the he--" I cut myself off, realizing I was staring with my line of profanities again, "I mean, why would Justin want you to spy on Jeremy?" I rephrased.


I was looking at him this time--which he returned.


"You did hear what I called him, right?" he cocked a brow up, looking at me like I was stupid, "His last name is Bieber."


"That makes him Justin's father, right?" I asked, unsurely, and slightly getting more and more curious.


"Seriously, what's your IQ?" Jason narrowed his eyes on me. I merely made a face.


"Look who's talking," I mumbled, crossing my arms, "He could be his uncle or something you know!" I pointed out.


He merely rolled his orbs, "Whatever, you two should go home. It's getting dark."


With that, he jerked the key to the ignition, bringing the car to life and I almost immediately spoke.


"Wait, that's all you're telling me?"


"I'm in no position to tell you," he stated firmly, "I only spy on them because my brother wants me to. I don't have the right to tell."


"Oh well, that's great," I mumbled, sarcastically. "You made me so interested in this crap and  you're not telling me, all is great."


"It's not really my fault you happen to be in the park, too, is it?" he cocked a brow up. "And it's not really my fault if you find anything so interesting. Don't blame me."


Well, he was actually right on that one... BUT!!


"You're mean," I pouted.




"I don't know, you just are."


"I'm not."


"You are."






"Look who's talking."


"I'm still older than you."


"In age."


"You saying I behave like a kid?"




"I'll tell Emily you called me that."


"And I should care? She isn't even involved in this."


"She'll hate you."


"I'm so scared."




"STOP!," Gracie whined, silencing us both. "You're too loud."


"It's Jason's fault," I grumbled, crossing my arms whilst he just chuckled.


Soon enough, we were in front of our home and Jason stopped the car. Without a word, I hopped out, same as Gracie. I was mad. Call me childish and see if I care. I just had to have anything I wanted. And Jason didn't give me what I wanted at the time.


"Hey!" he called just before I entered the door. I didn't look back, but I stopped in my tracks.


"I'd appreciate if you face me," he yelled again, but I refused stubbornly. I was in my baby mode, so what?!


"Alright then, I actually thought about giving you Justin's number," he fake sighed, "But I guess you don't want it."


Upon hearing that, I climbed mount everest and swam the pacific ocean back to the car. Exaggerated? NAH... Maybe a little?


"Excited?" he teased, a smirk spread across his cute face and I instantly had the feeling he was making fun of me. I was about to smack him when he stuck his hand out,


"I wasn't joking," he chuckled. "Give me your phone."


Scowling, I grumpily pulled out my phone and handed it to him. He chuckled and took it, typing in before handing it back to me, "There, I also put my number in," he grinned.


"Thanks," I said, casually, fighting the urge to smile like an idiot.


"Well, aren't you giving me yours?" he asked, holding out his phone. I took it and typed my number in, handing it back after.


Wow, we were exchanging numbers. Wait till Emily finds out...


"Thanks," he beamed.


"Yeah," I pretended to be rude, turning on my heels. I felt bad but I wasn't over what happened earlier. HE DIDN'T TELL MEEEE! 


But he did gave me Justin's number.


Damn you, childish self. Finally deciding, I spun around just before he drove off, "Hey, Jase!" I yelled and waited for him to look back before waving with a smile and yelled my thanks.


Nodding, he rolled the windows up and drove off. I smiled to myself as I skip through the front porch and bust in the door. Gracie was there, looking at me questionably.


"That boy was with the bad guys, right?" she asked in her cute little girl voice.


I smiled, "They will be one of the good guys soon, baby."


"Yeah, you traitor," I heard a voice from behind. It didn't take me long to recognize it as Emily. I spun around and was met by her grumpy face.


"When the hell did you get here?" I asked.


"Before Jasey drove off... And I saw you flirting with him!," she whined. I couldn't help but laugh at both the nickname she gave Jason and the fact that she thought I was flirting with him.


"What's funny!?!" she whined again.


"I wasn't flirting with him," I laughed softly. She cocked both eyebrows up.


"I got his number and I'll give it to you," I smirked and winked, making Emily's eyes widen and she almost immediately attacked me with a bone-crushing hug and squealed. Wow, okay.


"Emily, have mercy," I teased but she continued hugging me, screaming constant 'Thank yous' and 'I love yous'.. This girl seriously.


But thing was, I understood her. I may not have shown it, but knowing I have contact with Justin brought me on cloud 9. And the fact that it felt like I was having more knowledge about him than any cop would have was a great feeling. About Jeremy... I might just have a plan and maybe... Just maybe, it would help me gain Justin's trust. Even just a percent of it.


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