Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


18. It's a tie



"Did you ever think about him?"


"Ofcourse, I did... And I still am..."


"Then why don't you talk to him?"


"Because he hates me."


"Why do you think he does, Jeremy?" I was getting annoyed, not only about the fact that he barely explains himself but also because of what he did to Justin and his mom a long time ago. I may not have known much--but it felt as though everything that has happened in Justin's life was partly his fault.


He didn't answer, just look down and heaved out a sigh, shutting his eyes tight. I bit the inside of my cheeks, sucking in a breath and looked ahead, my gaze landing on the kids Gracie was playing with--Jeremy's children.


"Why did you leave them, Jeremy?" I asked in a low voice, my gaze staying where they were. I heard him sigh once again, followed by his response.


"I... I was young then. We both were, Pattie and I... It was... I don't know, it was an accident. She got pregnant, with my child, and we were both too young to be parents. I wasn't ready then, but I didn't leave, eventhough I badly wanted to. We've been together for while, but it just didn't work out. Besides, I wasn't someone worthy of her. Pattie was an amazing person, and I just felt like I wasn't the one she deserved. I couldn't give her a pleasant life. I couldn't even keep a roof above our heads, so I decided it was best for her to just go home to her parents. I regret doing that..."


"Why didn't you find them?"


"I did," he mumbled. "But they were gone... I've searched Reign, trust me... I searched everywhere, ask anyone but no one knew them. Right then and there I felt so much regret. I've finally fixed myself--but it was too late. Then one day," he paused, swallowing hard. I turned to look at him, his eyes were glazed over, palm right on his mouth. I felt my stomach plummet, not really knowing why. I watched him intently, waiting for him to continue speaking.


I figured out he wasn't talking sooner or later, so I decided to break the silence starting to form, "What? What is it?"


He looked at me, tears threatening to fall from his eyes. "I heard the news that Pattie was murdered inside their home."


My eyes widened, taking in what he just said, "Their mom was killed? By who? Why?"


"Pattie's second husband. I don't know if they were married, but I think that was Jason's father. I just... It was so hard for me to accept, I should've been the one she and Justin was with. She could've been alive and we would've been a complete family. But no, I was stupid. I left. Pattie was killed. And what scared me even more was the fact that my son wasn't on the news. I wanted to find him, but the police told me there wasn't any child in the murder." he heaved out stessful sigh, followed by a sniffle. "I assumed he was dead, and Pattie just didn't tell me. Years have gone by but I never forgot. My first wife and my first son was always on my mind. They were gone, I didn't get to say I loved them. I didn't get to play with my son and teach him to play sports. But then, it was a Thursday night when I just got home from work and turned on the T.V-- only to find my son on the headlines. The name "Justin Bieber" rang louder in my ears than they should have. I couldn't believe it. He was alive and I couldn't believe that my he turned out to be a killing machine. I assumed it wasn't him. But then a picture was shown, and I knew from then on that I've finally heard from him. That Justin Bieber was my son. From the moment I saw that picture, I instantly knew it was him. And it hurt. He could've been living a different life if I didn't leave them."


I couldn't find the words to say, and it was a matter of time when we just sat there staring into each others eyes. I felt horrible. I didn't even know how to react. I've never even thought this happens in real life. Their lives were messed up.


But I somehow had to find a way to make things a little brighter, "If you hadn't left them, Jazzy and Jaxon wouldn't have existed..." I trailed off, licking my lips afterwards. "And Justin wouldn't have someone to keep him sane. Jason wouldn't exist."


"But then we would've lived a normal life."


"Yeah... But you know you can't change what has been done. I get that your relationship with your son got broken a long time ago. And what was broken can never be fixed, but there's always the word trying... Try to fix it, if you fail, then try again..."





Smoke filled the dark room as I sat in the corner, a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of beer sitting beside me. The curtains were closed, lights were off and the room was silent. It was a perfect place for me. I wanted to be alone--I needed to.


A sigh of relief escaped my lips as I finished off the blunt before picking up the bottle and brought it up to my lips, taking large, slow gulps--drenching myself with alcohol in the process. And by that time, Jason had walked in, coughing as he inhaled the air of the room.


"Justin, what the hell," he muttered as stomped over to me, grabbing the bottle from me and emptying its contents on the floor before grasping my upper arm and pulling me up.


"What are you doing?" I hissed, snatching my hand away--stumbling backwards. He glared at me , ignoring my remark and grabbed me by the shirt instead, pulling me with him. I didn't have time to process before he shoved me inside the bathroom, pushing me down on the tub fully-clothed and proceeded to fill it.


"What are you doing?!" I asked the same question, looking at him wide-eyed as I hopped off the tub.


"Get in, take a bath, change, brush you teeth and go downstairs," he instructed like he was the older one and turned to exit the bathroom but stopped half-way and turned his head, "Reign's waiting for you."


I watched as he completely disappeared before a groan escaped my mouth as I ran my hands down my face. "Crap," I mumbled under my breath, Idly discarding my now, wet clothing and decided to just take a real quick shower.


I turned it on, placing my palm underneath the droplets, waiting for it to warm up before completely hopping in. I felt the warmness calm my tensed muscles and a moan of relief escaped my lips, the water slowly trickling down my undeserving skin. I stayed for a good 10 minutes before I proceeded to wash myself and rinse-off, before hopping off the shower, and wrapping a towel down my lower part. I then brushed my teeth to get in of the smell of smoke and alcohol before going out of the bathroom and sliding in some sweatpants and a black tee.


I left my hair tousled, not even bothering to check myself out before showing myself to Reign. What difference would it even make. I was still who I was.


It wasn't long when I finally saw them--Reign with Emily and Gracie.


"Jay-Jay," Gracie giggled, burying her face in Jason's neck as he cradled her in his arms--Emily cooing as she watched. Reign was on the couch, watching them with a smile on her face. Nobody had acknowledge me yet so I just decided to make the first move and cleared my throat.


Their head whipped in my direction, and as soon as Reign's eyes landed on me, her smile dropped. Emily stood there uncomfortably, barely meeting my gaze and Jason did the same as Gracie hid herself in his neck. I traced my bottom lip with my tongue as I awkwardly rubbed the back of my neck with my palm, avoiding any eye contact with them.


"Uhm, we'll be in my be in my room," Jason mumbled, taking Emily's hand and pulling her with him, quickly disappearing from the living room. Silence then followed as Reign just kept staring at me though I couldn't really see her as the ground was more interesting at the moment.


"Uh, why... why are you here?" I asked, breaking the ice. I heard her clear her throat, shifting in her seat before speaking.


"I--well we, uh, wanted to check on you guys..."




"Well, uh," I was looking at her now, watching as she struggled finding the words to say. She looked ridiculously adorable that I couldn't help but let out a chuckle, making her glare at me.


"Yeah, well, you just wanted to see me." I teased, sitting right next to her.


"Did not!"




"You have no idea how much I dreaded it when you invaded my mind." she dramatically said, holding a hand on her chest.


"So you were thinking of me, huh?"


"I didn't say that!"


"You kinda did."


"Did I?"


"Mhm. You said I invaded your mind."


She let out a frustrated groan, leaning back on the couch. "Fine! I was thinking of you these past days..." she admitted, looking directly at me.


I was taken aback. I didn't expect that. I was actually on her mind?


"I don't know why..." she mumbled, biting down on her bottom lip and fiddling with her fingers, a blush forming on her cute chubby cheeks.


"Wow," I let out a chuckle, tearing my gaze away from her. "You are one honest lady, aren't you?"


"I guess."


"You know you just don't tell a guy that you've been thinking of him."


"It's not like it's a crime."


"But if I was just some other guy and you told me that, I would've taken advantage of it."


"But you're not just some other guy."


I looked over at her again, seeing she was being serious. I didn't know what to say. I was positive she wasn't joking-- but then again, she might have been.


"What?" Her eyebrows raised, and I quickly tore my gaze away from her stood up, wanting nothing than think of another subject.


"Do you, uh... Want something to drink?"


"You look awful."


My eyebrows furrowed at her remark, spinning around to face her, "What?"


"I said you look awful... I know you were doing something."


"What would that be?" I challenged, crossing my arms.


"I don't know, you tell me."


"I just didn't sleep well last night, that's it."




"I--ugh whatever. Can we just stop talking about me for once? Why don't we talk about you or whoever, like who did this to who and crap."


"Well, I came here to check on you, but okay then." she shrugged, turning her head to the side so she didn't have to look at me. I sighed, and ran a hand through my hair, groaning and made my way to the small kitchen of our apartment. I got a glass of water and chugged it down, hearing light footsteps nearing the kitchen. I didn't look back, knowing it was Reign.


"Do you have coke?" she asked, not a hint of shyness in her voice. She said it like we lived in the same house for a long time. I just shrugged and proceeded to refill my glass, not bothering to give her a glance.


"Look in the fridge." I mumbled, bringing up the glass to my lips. I heard her sigh, opening the fridge and got whatever it was that she wanted.


"I talked with Jeremy," she informed after a while, and I choked on my water, coughing and gasping as I dropped the glass on the tiled floor. The shattering sound ringing through the kitchen along with my coughing.


"What... the ... f-ck!" I said in between coughs, leaning on the counter top.


"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry!" Reign apologized in a panic, avoiding the shattered pieces and rubbing my back.


"What... did you... say?!" I yelled, finally able to stop coughing and shoved her hand away. "You talked with who?!"


"Justin, let's talk in the living room, you can get hurt," she stated calmly, gesturing at the shattered pieces of glass on the wet tiled floor.


"No Reign, TELL ME NOW!" I yelled, feeling the rage forming inside of me. How could she?


"Justin, calm down."


"NO!" I barked, making her back away as she gasped. I moved closer as she backed up, but next thing I heard was her piercing scream though I haven't touched her. I stopped in panic, rage turning into confusion.


"What?!" I asked. Her eyes welled up with tears, a squeaking sound of pain escaping her lips as she pointed down. I furrowed my eyebrows together, following the direction of her finger and gasped. Well sh-t.


"Sorry," I mumbled, wrapping her foot with gauze as she sat on top of the kitchen table.


"It's fine," she sniffled, wiping her face with her sleeve. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, glancing up on her eyes for a moment.


"I should've stayed calm and agreed that we talk in the living room."


"Justin it's fine, really?"


"You have a wound on your foot, how would you walk properly? And mostly, what would you tell your dad, huh?"


"I'll tell him it was an accident at Emily's house, don't worry about it." she reassured. I sighed, and looked down, slightly nodding.


"Stay there while I clean this." I muttered, proceeding to clean the mess. I could feel her eyes on me, making me feel a bit uncomfortable.


"Stop staring," I muttered, keeping my gaze on the floor. I felt her shift in her position so she wasn't looking at me anymore.


"Careful with that," she warned though it was a bit late. I didn't even feel the pain of the glass digging in the palm of my hand. Well, sh-t, who holds a broken glass too tight?


"Just great, karma bites in the ass," I chuckled, standing up to put the pieces in the trash bin.


"What do you--" Reign was cut off as she saw me placing my bloody hand underneath the faucet and turned the water on, gasping but she didn't leave the table. How could she even stand up?


"Justin! I told you to be careful!" she scolded.


"I'm sorry, grandma!" I teased, walking over to her after turning the faucet off. She just rolled her eyes, slapping a hand on my shoulder playfully.


"Idiot, let me see," she giggled, taking my wounded hand and examining it, blood still oozing out the cuts a bit, but it didn't hurt that much. I just let her do her thing, as I watched her face, so concentrated on what she was doing. I couldn't help but let out a chuckle, getting a cute giggle from her in response.


"It's a tie," I joked, earning a small laugh from her.


"Idiot," she lightly slapped my gauze-covered hand. It didn't hurt, but I pretended that it did just for the fun of it.




"Oh my gosh, sorry! What can I do?!"


"Kwiss it bwetter?" I said in a epic failure of a baby voice, making her crack up.


"Ofcwouse wittle Jwustin," she mimicked my voice, and we simultaneously laugh. This girl knew how to make me laugh when I didn't feel like it.


We went back to the living room, me carrying Reign in my arms and setting her down on the couch, and plopping in next to her. She was looking at me, and it was getting weird.


"What?" I chuckled, looking over at her but she didn't smile back.


"We haven't continued talking about what I told you..." she said. "About Jeremy..."



A/N: There's just a lot going on rn. Sorry for the late update :/ and sorry if it's a crappy one.

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