Imperfect Match

He's a famous assassin. She's the daughter of a well-known police officer. He's a killing machine. She's the complete opposite. But what if their paths cross? What if the most unfortunate thing happens? What if they fall in love?

Will he be of any good to her? Knowing his way of life?

Will she be able to protect him? Knowing that her own father is against them?

How far will you go... for the love that's clearly forbidden?


22. I care for her



If God really was real, then maybe angels are too. Cause I was pretty sure I was with an angel at the moment.


How her eyes would always look at me with adoration and acceptance--it made me feel loved and accepted. Her presence alone made me feel better with myself. She made me feel like I never did the things I do. When everyone would have seen me as a monster, she'd still look at me like I was an angel with injured wings in a dark path. She never judged me no matter how many times I've shoved it in her face  that I wasn't the kind of person she thought I was. I was indeed a monster.


"Hey, you okay?" her voice snapped me out of my daze. Her soft brown orbs gleaming as her naturally pink plump lips curved into a smile.


God, she was beautiful.


"Justin?" she softly laughed as I continued to stare.


"You're really beautiful, Cross," I commented with a smile, watching her lips form into a thin line and her face turning red.




"I don't always tell  a girl this, but you're beautiful," I smile softly, standing up from the park bench before looking down at her again.


She was looking anywhere but me, like she couldn't believe I just told her that. Her eyes were wide, and she was muttering under her breath. Her reaction was priceless, and for the first time in a long time, I laughed. Loudly, may I add.


This seemed to snap her out of her thoughts, head shooting up in my direction.


"Don't dwell in that complement too much," I chuckled. "I'm pretty sure it's not  the first."


I stuck my hand out at her, "Let's go find Jason and Emily. They're taking too long."


She looked at my hand for a while, then my face, then my hand again--before finally taking it and standing up. Her cheeks turned redder as our skin touched, and I found myself mentally awe-ing. It was adorable.


Wait, what? No. Man up Justin. Real men don't think that way. And they certainly do no just complement a girl!


"Ugh, stupid," I muttered under my breath.




"Uh, nothing, let's just go fetch those two."


Silence came in between as we started our search, avoiding each other's gaze as we silently looked for signs of Jason and Emily. About 20 minutes had gone by, and nothing. An uneasy feeling hit me as we walked hand in hand, making me stop in my tracks. Something seemed wrong. I didn't fell good all of a sudden. It was like I wanted to throw up.


My heart was pounding rapidly and I was starting to sweat. Was this paranoia? Was it coming back?


But why?




Something bad was going to happen.






How stupid was I to let him out of my sight? Why have I let him go around a public park unaware of the dangers I fear?


Nothing could have happened yet, right?


"Justin, hey!"


No, no. Calm down. You're just making it up, Justin. You're just scaring yourself.


But why would I?


I frantically looked around me, my eyes scanning the sea of people at the public park. There were many, and I didn't know which ones are the enemies.


I found myself stumbling in my own feet, letting go of Reign's hand as I proceeded to run. I felt her hand tug me back, it didn't do much but I stopped. She spun me around and cupped my face in her hands, her eyes looking at me with concern. I could barely hear her over the unsteady, loud beating of my heart. Something was terribly wrong. I could feel it.


"J-Jason." I managed to choke out. Reign's face contorted into a confused expression.


"What about Jason?"


"He--I don't know! I just-- I ---"


"Justin, calm down," she calmly said, stroking my face with her thumb and I could feel myself relax a bit.


What was she doing to me?


"I'm sure Jason's fine." she told me with a smile. It was like she was telling me what was true. Jason's fine. I didn't have to worry.


But I just couldn't bring myself not to.


"I'm scared," I told her, feeling like a girl for being so weak in front of her but I couldn't help it, "I don't know why. I just... something's not right."


"Calm down, Justin. You're just not used to an environment where you're free."


"But I was fine minutes ago! This feeling wouldn't have hit me just now!"


"Nothing will go wrong, okay?" she insisted.


"How do you know that?"


"I just do," she said, her hand moving down my neck, caressing it gently. "Now I want you to calm down and we'll go find your brother, alright?"


I merely nodded, swallowing the lump in my throat and tried to calm myself down.


"I'm--I'm calm," I breathed.


"Good," she smiled. I forced myself to smile back, holding her hand that rested on my neck, lightly giving it a squeeze. Her cheeks turned crimson and her smile became wider, making me chuckle a bit.


"Let's go find them," she whispered and I nodded. She pulled her hand out of my grasp and instead took mine in hers.


The uneasy feeling didn't leave. My stomach was plummeting and my heart was still pounding loudly, but I tried to keep calm.


Reign must have noticed because she held my hand tighter, which I had just realized was still in her hold.


It wasn't long until Jason was in sight, Emily not far behind as they ran in our direction. I felt myself relax as relief washed over me. Their hands were clasped together, Jason screaming words I didn't understand at the moment. I then found myself running towards them, the warmth of Reign's hand fading as our hands detached.


"No!" Jason yelled, and as if on cue, the familiar sound of gunshot shook the area. Everything stopped as my feet were suddenly glued to the ground.


Jason's eyes were wide, a scream escaping Emily's mouth, tears cascading down her cheeks.


"J-Justin," Reign's voice sounded weak in my ears. I felt my knees starting to give up holding my weight. I slowly turned around to face her, and my breath was suddenly caught up in my throat. It took me a moment to wrap my head with what just happened.


I took in Reign's appearance as she looked at me. Tears ran down her soft cheeks a she sat on the concreted, bright red blood staining her white dress and she clutched her arm.


"Sh-t!" I ran over to her, tripping in my own feet, but quickly composing myself and held her hand that covered the wound. Blood was seeping through my hand as I pressed it further into her shoulder, trying to put pressure. A pained cry escaped her lips as tears effortlessly rolled down her face.


"I'm so sorry..." I whispered. She shook her head, as if telling me it wasn't my fault as she bit down on her lip, preventing herself form crying out.


I moved my eyes away from her frame, and in the distant, among all the people running for their lives, was a figure running away, gun being shoved down his side. My feet started moving, anger building up inside of me.


"BASTARD! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" I yelled, running off. I could hear the screams for me, but I chose to ignore them and focused on the man ahead of me.


This bastard needs to pay. He needs to.


"I'LL KILL YOU!" I barked, finally catching up to him and tackling him to the ground. I pounded my fists everywhere as I looked at him with hatred.


Flashes of Reign's pained face flooded my mind. She just couldn't be hurt.


I didn't know why the thought of it made me want to kill. Like she was never allowed to get hurt. I couldn't allow it.


I never cared about her like that. But it felt different now. It was like something I only did to a girl once. The feeling of guarding her with your life. I couldn't just bring myself to calm down knowing she was hurt.


"Justin, stop!" I felt myself being dragged away, the bloody man laying limp on the hard ground.


Jason tried his best to hold me back, but I just couldn't help it. I wanted to smash his skull in between my fists.


"Stop! We need to get Reign to the hospital! Emily just called the ambulance!"


This made me stop fighting him, realization hitting me. Did I really just leave her?


"Crap," I muttered under my breath, prying Jason's hands off me and running back to where Reign was.


I could see the red and blue lights, sirens going off. I could see the ambulance, medics placing her fragile frame on a gurney. My heart stopped at the sight.


Emily came running towards me, pushing me backwards, "You need to leave."


"What the hell are you talking about?!" I yelled at her. She sighed and gritted her teeth.


"You should go!"


"What?! No!" I protested, trying to get close to the scene but Emily grabbed me back.


"Justin, Reign wants you to leave. The police will be here and you could be in trouble." she told me, "Please don't make this harder than it has to be. Reign's dad doesn't need to find out your connection with his daughter!"


"The hell with the cops! I need to see her!"


If there's one thing I realized, it was the fact that I cared. I cared for her, and it took me this long to realize.


"Damn it, Bieber! Don't you understand?" she exasperatedly said, "Reign still wants you to be safe even after she got shot because of you! Yes, you! You should be grateful I'm not hating your guts right now! The last thing my bestfriend needs is you, being in jail!"


"Do you think I don't know that? I just need to know if she's okay. I want her to be okay..."




A/N: Uhm, yeah. This chappie was all over the place. lol. What just happened. idk.


Anyways, thanks for the sweet comments. lmao >_<



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